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Mar 23, 2012 | Prosperity

Creative visualization is a gorgeous and artistic tool to help you create more clarity, abundance and beauty in your life.  It is not daydreaming.  You are relaxing and getting plugged in to the energy of the universe, seeing the beauty you can (and hopefully are) creating around you every day as you visualize.   I pulled out my classic copy of the book Creative Visualization to revisit the topic of prosperity having abundance flow freely.  I love this stuff!
Where prosperity and abundance are concerned, both envisioning nature and spending time in nature can awaken the intuitive and limitless ability we have to create what we need and want.  In all the information-overload of our modern tech-fueled lives, losing this connection to the ground beneath our feet is easy to do.  In feng shui, Tao connection to nature and to our environment makes us most powerful. Nature is our primary way of plugging in to ourselves!

In her Creative Visualization book, Shakti Gawain reminds us: “Almost everything you truly need or want is here for the asking; you only need to believe it is so, truly desire it, and be willing to accept it.”

This is not about greed.  Rather,  it is about being supported and stable and fulfilled. Mindset matters where your stable financial life is concerned.  Some succumb to pressure and obstacles when creating their lives, and others create lives that are resilient and continually fulfilled, to the beat of their own drummer.  Mindset can make all the difference.

Here are a few ways to add more creative power to your prosperous energy:

  • Get quiet and calm and visualize yourself in nature.  Feel the limitless infinity of oceans, great forests, incredible sunsets… and feel awesome as you hang out amongst endless grains of white sand and waterfalls.
  • Take time to appreciate the abundance in everyday life.  Whether its a big bowl of fruit on your table, a bucket of collected seashells or a windowsill filled with thriving plants, there is abundance in every day that you can integrate into life easily.
  • A great exercise from the late, great acting coach Milton Katselas: dress up and run around town test-driving cars, window shopping, and even eating at a super-swank lunch spot.  The best way, after all, to see yourself in a certain environment is to experience it first hand!
  • See your ideal, fulfilling lifestyle as you visualize on a walk or in a meditation.  See who is there, what you are doing, where you are living and HOW you are living.  I know there is some way to integrate a bit of what you dream of into every day.  Even a change in your attitude toward lifestyle and living well can make a big difference.
  • Affirm your prosperity.  Even if you have a negative bank balance, start affirming your prosperity.  “I am free of debt!” over and again.  “I am prospering from my art!”  again and again, writing, speaking, repeating in your head.  While its fun to do this to get psyched up wehen you are in a bad headspace, try affirming your prosperity until a clue appears as to action you could or should take.  “I have an incredible job!” again and again could lead to the flash of the person you met who offered to introduce you to someone years ago… the realization of what direction to take… or the energy to keep outflowing in the direction of your needs.

& HAVE FUN.  No matter what, I encourage you to cancel the words “Desperate” , “Screwed” & “Stressed” from your vocabulary! This is a good way to make solutions to any problem totally impossible!

x0x0 Dana



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