Car Shui For Monday!

Mar 26, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

If you drive your car it is an extension of your environment.  When your car is filled with trash, filthy, covered in dents or otherwise falling apart in any way, your life is likely resonating with your car’s issues.  Where your transportation is concerned, streamline, maintain, well-stock and stay focused! Here’s a nice little to-do list of tips to feng shui your car to make the most of your commute.

A super-clean interior can make the difference between a blah day and a feeling that its all ok!

8 Feng Shui Tips To Make Your Car Amazing

1. Clean, clean, clean, clean, clean!!!  If your life creates dust & dirt (or fur from your pet!) consider getting a little portable vacuum that plugs into your cigarette lighter outlet.  30-60 seconds of vacuuming a day can lift the energy of your car by leaps and bounds! Your car is not a storage unit! Remember that it is DANGEROUS to store stuff in your car, along with being unsanitary and terrible feng shui.  Clearing out your car can feel like getting a new lease on life!

2. Keep a little spray bottle of eco-friendly cleaner (preferably something super-easy like vinegar, water & essential oil) in your trunk along with a few clean rags to always be able to wipe up a mess before it sets in your car.  Wiping off the dashboard and console can create the feel of a freshly-washed car every day.

3. Ditch the “tree” air fresheners and other chemical air fresheners.  They are full of poisonous chemicals and allergens.  For a quick boost of fresh, put a few drops of essential oil on cotton balls and toss them in your back seat.  Try for stimulating, focusing essential oils like peppermint, ginger, rosemary and clary sage.

4. Program your radio to the best stations so that you are not distracted in messing with the radio while driving.  Your CD’s & iPod the same— make sure everything is programmed and organized so you are not looking down or reaching around the car to get the music going.  Keep music at a medium to low to keep your wits about you as you drive.  Many say “no music while driving” and I would agree but its hard to enforce on the masses.  Music, after all, can keep you focused and energized.

5. Do not hang things off your rear-view mirror.  No “lucky charms” or “crystals” or stuffed animals or anything else.  Same goes for anything in your overhead visors— these are NOT storage areas!

6. When you are told its time to change your air filters, do it!  I know you think its a scam.  But you would’t breathe dirty air in your house, so why do it in your car?!

7. Maintenance is like the spa for your vehicle.  Rotating tires, checking air pressure, changing oil, doing regular maintenance and keeping up with cleaning vehicle parts will keep your ride running more righty and will make you feel more sound behind the wheel.  Its worth mentioning since we tend to put these “upkeep” things off if they don’t seem urgent. Same with digs, dents and other car issues- fix them STAT!  You will be happy you did!

8. Keep water & snacks in your car.  Having some water in an eco-safe bottle and maybe a bag of nuts or dried fruit or anything snackable in your car will make it easier to handle a long commute if you skipped a meal or are running late to dinner!

Oh yes… and install a handsfree phone device if you don’t have one if you plan to talk & drive.  And if you plan to text and drive… just don’t!  Get through the list and let me know how it serves you!

xoxo Dana



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