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Mar 26, 2012 | Life With Art

Art can make or break your home and office energy.  Since I am perpetually on the hunt for ways to bring you guys the best in fresh art finds, I am so excited to have discovered  Pure Photo– a cross between Facebook and an online art gallery- where some exciting photographers connect, display and sell their photos. Of course, I had to find a perfect theme to share, and LA-based photographer Anyes Galleani lept out with her unique expressions of LOVE and UNITY through natural, hyper pigmented imagery.  You have to see! 

Images of merging halves, organic unity and fiery layers of lovely nature makes these images fly from the page and express layers of lovely love.  Galleani’s artist statement on this Flower series makes it clear as day:

“The “Flowers” series symbolizes union, where separate elements fuse together in oneness. Vivid mirror images of leaves and flowers form organic geometric shapes aspiring to ecstatic motion. The subtle weathered aura of the flowers serves as a reminder that the essence of what is good and beautiful survives through time.”

Ultraviolet layers are strong yet ethereal, fresh and still delicate.

What about these flowers, tangerine glamour mixed with spirited violet!? Want the hugest print for my bedroom!

Since bigger is both bigger and better in most cases, don’t be shy in exploring large prints and mixing a modern photo like this with vintage or other media on a wall.  And… if you are a photographer or just a photo lover… get on Pure Photo and start networking!!!

xoxo Dana


  1. Anyes Galleani

    Thank you so much for featuring my work!!

    • danaclaudat

      love it so much! would love to see your stuff in LA sometime.. fabulous! xoxo

  2. Adam IVY

    Great read and great work Anyes. You are a very talented artist all around. This photography is so vibrant and definitely hits the nail on the head in its intention of Love and Unity. Flowers a re so symbolic of many things. I ‘m very excited for our interview.


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