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Mar 29, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

Garden of Dreams

Bach Flowers are those somewhat puzzling little vials with names like Rock Water and Olive and Sweet Chestnut that you see at Whole Foods or your local heath food store and generally walk past in confused/overwhelmed indifference. The idea behind Bach Flowers is to subtly change the way you feel on an emotional & energetic level and, therefore,  help with overall healing. Flower essences are fascinating, and even talking about these flowers and the ideology they were born from can give you insight into the emotional haze behind any issues you may be experiencing in your life! 

Dr. Edward Bach veered away from a successful medical practice about a century ago to focus more holistically on the needs of the patient rather than simply focusing on the diseases being treated.  He saw a strong correlation between emotion and illness.  He “discovered”  these flower essences to counteract what he named the 38 negative mind states that could promote illness and unhappiness.  Ultimately, these flowers help you treat your emotional energy to support your desire to overcome fears, perceived limitations, grief, addiction, eating problem and much more.  Again, I am not saying that a flower essence is a total solution, but its a holistic support supplement that I felt you should know about!

rock rose

Now, to my Quackwatch Alert: You will find a massive about of skepticism regarding these flower essences.  I am 100% certain that even if these flower essences had absolutely no power whatsoever except for a placebo effect, they are otherwise 100% harmless unless perhaps you have a strange allergy (check with your medical doctor before trying anything new!). Keep in mind that placebo effects have been proven to be REAL effects.  So, you have very little to lose in most cases except for a very few dollars, and everything to gain from jumping in and giving the flowers a go!

I am not a fan of using pharmaceutical drugs to treat otherwise treatable (i.e., not clinical/ non-life-threatening) emotional conditions.  Sometimes you are dragging, lacking confidence, upset or simply going through a big transition. Rather than popping Xanax or Ambien to chill out, there are flower essences you can try!

gentian bach flower

Bach Flowers came into my life over 10 years ago.  In really stressful times the blend of 5 flowers to help in crisis called Rescue Remedy alone has supported my ability to keep my head together when the walls came crashing down. While I am just starting to learn the intricacies of how these flowers actually work, what I can say is that they do work for me.  Sometimes its subtle; sometimes its magnificent and dramatic.  If its all in my head, its still quite wonderful stuff.

If you would like to give the flower essences a go, there are questionnaires to fill out to identify which of the essences is right for your particular situation.  You can fill out an online questionnaire HERE and find out what your personal formula of mixed flowers is… and you can order it for $15. online all pre-mixed up for you, too!

& I’ll leave you with an extra fancy tip: you can put about 20 drops in a small spray bottle filled with clean water and spray your home to infuse the air with the same “energy” you are working on internally 😉  xoxo Dana



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