Feng Shui To Make More Time In Your Life!

Mar 30, 2012 | Prosperity

Salvador Dali's "Eye Of Time" brooch. Yes he made jewels, too.

There is nothing worse that I dread in an average day than the feeling that I am so far behind that I can implode at any moment.  I have learned the hard way that there are very specific things that make or break the flow of a day, and feng shui is all about flow.  Here are a bunch of ways to create more time and flow in your life so that you can actually astound yourself at how much fun it can be to excel and stay on top of things! 

5 Ways To Make More Time In Your Life

Clear the trash out of your space.  Take time at the start (or the very end) of your week to clean up, dump the trash, file or electronically file, address and handle all the loose ends still lingering in cycles of action that should be done already.  You know, the person you were suppose to introduce to someone else, the email to your landlord, the plies of receipts that aren’t put on an expense report… get them out of your space.  When old things linger, you will feel the pressure of the past bleeding into the future, and that’s not a good way to project a positive future!

A Windsor Smith designed library from Belle Mason that beautifully demonstrates how useful it can be to have reference books to grab when the Internet just can't cut it!

Get PREPARED!  Take a look at your week ahead.  Every week, prepare for the week ahead. Do you have a gift for the baby shower, a suit for a meeting, the dry cleaning for the housekeeper, a thank you note for the person who is doing you a huge favor?  What about your meetings, your work lunches, your reports due… are you prepared?!  Leaders that excel PREPARE for what is coming.  When you are prepared, you have an edge and you will waste a lot less time during the week being interrupted scrambling to get a birthday present when you should be working on a presentation!

Get well-stocked with what you need to get things done.  A chef needs a well-stocked pantry.  A writer needs pens and paper at the very least, but likely needs ink for the printer, too.  If you need to clean the house but never have supplies, you are not going to clean the house!  Keep all your essentials on hand.  Stock up.  You can never have too much toilet paper, dog food, fresh water or thank you cards.  Running out of these things can make your life very stressful.

Freshest fruit from Mike's Journal to make you very hungry for proper meals or, at the very least, great snacks!

EAT!  Why is it that when we are busy, eating seems to be the thing we first forget? Its so important to eat properly in order to think properly and produce good stuff no matter what you are doing!  If you can’t cook, find yourself a delivery service that can bring you pre-made healthy meals to fit your lifestyle, or, at the very least, curate a selection of take out menus that can provide you with healthy meals to go so that you aren’t running on empty.  If you literally “forget” to eat set a daily reminder in your calendar every day to eat at least twice a day!!! If you have a refrigerator at work, or a pantry, healthy snacks can go a long way in maintaining your sanity.

Stop with the distractions!  Save the Internet surfing, personal emails and calls and all other distractions for AFTER you get a god chunk of your to-do list DONE.  That said, you need a TO-DO list!!!   If you are having a hard time sticking to a list, Toodledo is a great little free program to keep and prioritize your tasks in.  You can really get a good grasp on how important certain things are.  If EVERYTHING you need to do is vital and urgent then you need to enlist some help to make your work life and real like more focused.  Not everything is a priority.  If you function that way, you will flip out frequently and always feel defeated!  If you are really bad at time management in general, the Pomodoro Technique might be the tool you need to reinvent your ability to focus.

Good luck getting great things DONE!  If you have questions or tips you want to share, please feel free!  I love hearing from you!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Carolyn

    Great article Dana! One more tip from a feng shui perspective that I’ve found extremely useful: get rid of any clocks that are placed in an overwhelming position. If you have lots of clocks around especially if they’re high up on a wall (and in a future or creativity quadrant) they will always make you feel like you’re working against time. For artists it can make them feel like they haven’t achieved their full potential yet and time is slipping by. Keep clocks minimal and down low where they have less energetic importance. Nobody needs a constant reminder of all they haven’t accomplished! Hugs!!


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