Personal Style In Action: Fashion Designer Homes & Spring 2012 Clothes

Mar 30, 2012 | The Beautiful

Diane Von Furstenberg's re-design of Claridge Hotel in London... just brilliant and all DVF style!!!

By looking at the homes of some of the more enduring fashion designers it becomes clear that a design aesthetic doesn’t stop at the runway- their interiors are all highly related to their home style!  Inspired by an article in Flavorwire about lavish New York Penthouses, I had to write about how your fashion style and your home style intersect in the best possible ways to create awesome feng shui! If you have a strong fashion style but perhaps a less developed sense of interior design, pull your favorite dresses or suits from your closet and use them as a jumping off point for your own home.

Diane Von Furstenberg, a personal idol for a multitude of reasons, redesigned the Claridge Hotel in London, and its VERY clear that her signature prints, expansiveness, balance and textured luxury shine through in the interiors.  Lets look at a handful of other designers and their Spring 2012 clothes to see if you get inspired to remix your home by starting with your closet!

anna sui home

Anna Sui's Manhattan home via Elle Decor.

Just look at how shockingly similar Ana Sui’s home and her Spring runway feel when viewed together!

The patterns, pallets and vintage cuts echoed perfectly from Anna Sui's home to the runway for Spring 2012! (via Fab Sugar)

Betsy Johnson’s pinks are iconic at this point in time.

Betsy Johnson's Spring 2012 show seamlessly melts with her interior design.

Jill Stuart's cool, yin home.

Jill Stewart really captures the essence of her serene yet balanced decor and style in her home & Spring 2012 collection.

See how even the silhouettes are similar to Jill Stewart's home design choices?

Last but certainly not least for the day, Thierry Mugler does searing couture at home and on the runway, kind of a poetry in color, line and strict yet fluid design.

Mugler rocks the sleek and refined.

Ready to grab your outfits and start styling your home around them?!  I hope so!  Your personal style is so much a part of your life, your ability to express and even promote yourself to the world… use it! Develop it! Enjoy it!  And live with it! xoxo Dana



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