Feng Shui Tips: How To Boost Your Focus To Become More Creative!

Apr 4, 2012 | Creativity

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LETS LOOK AT CREATIVITY & NATURE TODAY TO GET THE CYCLE STRAIGHT AND EASY! Creativity, starting new projects, “working on yourself”, developing new products, “fresh starts”… all of these ideas are ruled by the element of WATER in the traditional Chinese Five Element theory.

Water is the introspective, churning, germinating, refreshing and life-giving start of the cycle of action.

Let’s talk a little bit more about the Five Elements and explore ways that you can live more in tune with the power of nature. When you do, as odd as it may seem, things become brighter and much easier… and much calmer and richer and happier!

The media, popular culture, and even “business expert” wisdom teach that as an artist the best work is born of massive action, breaking through limits, pushing harder, working harder… more, more, more. In elemental theory, this means FIRE, FIRE, FIRE.

BUT: too much fire and you burn out.

Plus: If you are about to start something new or want to launch on a new track creatively, emotionally or professionally, these things are born of the element of WATER not FIRE. If you start from FIRE in your actions and energy you miss many steps and tend to wonder why you are never quite fulfilled, relaxed or happy.

In the Five Element Theory, we are all comprised of five elements that mirror the main elements that make up all of nature: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal. Each element feeds the one beside it in the cycle. The little illustration on the side will make this more visually clear, but think of it this way: Metal melts to water, Water feeds the plants to produce wood, Wood burns when rubbed together to create fire, Fire burns wood to create earth… and when you condense Earth enough you will create Metal ores. See how this works?

In your personality and your body, your organs are all ruled by different elements, your emotions are ruled by different elements (for instance, metal helps you to focus and create separations and helps you grieve but too much metal can leave you stuck in your head, fire creates passion, action, motion and heat, but can also create stress in too large a dose…) When we are talking about starting a new project, becoming creative or re-turning a project so that it flows, WATER is where the cycle begins so its the best place to begin.

Now, we are going to take one leap further.

In the element cycle, METAL creates and nurtures WATER. In essence this is the same thing as saying FOCUS nurtures CREATIVITY.

Realize that this is the opposite of what we usually do. We get all freakishly amped up, (drunk, crazy-caffeinated, medicated, sugar-shocked) and then start to make art or create. We reach toward fire when we should get FOCUSED to start to FLOW. The image below, one of my favorite David Rabinowitch sculptures, can demonstrate how the flow goes so beautifully when metal lyrically spins into water.

How to apply this to your life & home? If you are having trouble getting into a project or getting deeper or getting a flow going creatively, try increasing your METAL energy to FOCUS and keep water on hand to FLOW. It can look like this:

Feng Shui Tips For Getting Focused And Creative:

1. Vacuum & DUST!  Clean your house!!! Space clear of old particles becomes space full of sharp focus.

2. Make a clean sweep of your desk or tabletop. That’s the fast track to focus- clear counters.

3. Try a white desk, throw a white tablecloth over your desk, or keep white or metal desk accessories around you for added clear white which resonates with metal energy.

4. Use art to focus.  THIS guide about using art to focus can help you out with that!

5. Try a metal tabletop fountain. It’s the best of all worlds- metal & water in MOTION. Water in motion is most powerful.

6. But water you drink is important too! A glass pitcher of water is my most likely prescription for stalled creatives that are burning out at work and can’t host a fountain on their desktop. DRINK DRINK DRINK.

7. Classical music with certain rhythmic structure and timing can get your mind focused brilliantly.  Mozart & Beethoven can raise your IQ 3-5 points after listening!!!   The feng shui explanation behind it: you increase focus when you have strong metal energy around you that is also progressive and moving (just like a fountain!), so music can flow similar to water and have a powerful effect!

8. Take a walk and look at things. Paying attention is somewhat meditative, and extremely important if you are creating stuff. And no matter what you do, you are creating stuff!

Are you getting this? FOCUS (not freaking out, melting down, seeking angst or diving into hell!!!) begets CREATIVITY.   METAL feeds WATER. Your life flows if you allow yourself room to focus and flow. Yes, you can. Yes, its worth it. Yes, it feels weird and exciting. Try it and see how powerful it can be to flow with nature!

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xoxox Dana

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  1. Inspire Me Heather

    Thank you very much for explaining all of this! Your site here is fantastic – perfect for the beginner on feng shui. I have this linked to my feng shui post too today, for inspiration!

    • danaclaudat

      wow, thanks so much heather!!! xx Dana



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