Feng Shui To Break Bad Habits!

Apr 7, 2012 | Prosperity

nothing is stronger than a habit

I had a crazy-long conversation with a friend last night that made me understand the power of habits to reinforce the bad or the good in your life in a new way.  Often I am hired to help people lose weight, become un-stuck, create more prosperity, live a healthier lifestyle, become more creative or fall in love and ALL of those things have to do with habits.  Here are a few powerful feng shui-inspired approaches to changing common bad habits to help you on the road to change!

Jeppe Hein Mirror Labyrinth

* Overall tip for habit-breaking: Create clear pathways in your home.  When energy can flow freely in your space, you are more open to your own free-flowing energy, which can inspire many changes physically, mentally and emotionally.  Look at bookshelves, piles of work to do and unfinished projects as more examples of blocked energy.  Get rid of them!

* Obesity or weight problems can be mirrored in intense clutter both mentally and environmentally.  In addition to dumping lots of clutter, try keeping a journal to get the emotions flowing on a page and away from your plate.  Your body need not be an emotional battleground!


Andy Warhol knew that money was a function of confidence & connection!

*Complaining a ton is a function of either living in the past or being blocked in the present.  When you are super busy and connected to life, you have less time and impetus to complain!  Try keeping windows open for circulation & creating motion in your home using a tabletop fountain, a goldfish or even a hanging mobile for motion.

*Money problems are often linked to a lack of connection to your industry or your talent, and that lack of connection is linked to low confidence.  Keep your house full of light, try flooding dark corners with upward-facing light, eat the best food you possibly can, identify places that you can outflow your personal marketing and events or gatherings you can attend to link yourself physically (not just on the internet!) to like-minded professionals who are doing what you do!  Build these habits slowly and consistently and you will have a more stable foundation for financial wellbeing.

*If you want to end a string of bad relationships or friendships, start with your relationship with you.  In the far right corner from the entrance door to your home or bedroom, start with clearing out the junk from past loves and fill this space with self-affirming goodness.  Your favorite art, books, journals, candles, fragrances= all wonderful.  Make a habit of affirming your good and get clear about your personal needs and wants.  When you are really strong and confident in this area for yourself, replace the shrine to you (!) with pairs of things- two candles, two related artworks, two glasses for a pitcher of water, two vases…

*Scatterbrains who want a habit of focus can start with the strict adherence to a To-Do list every day.  Sit in a favorite spot in your house and review the list in the morning, have a ritual beverage or meal (your coffee, tea, smoothie, breakfast?) and get yourself really clear on the day.  Launching into the day with five problems and three concerns that have nothing to do with your work will put you at crazy disadvantage.  Focus on work when its work-time and the fun & free time will be much more fun & free!!!

Good luck on your road to a lighter, brighter, bolder, calmer, happier you! xoxo Dana

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  1. ioanas96

    I don’t really believe in feng shui, but I like very much yhe mirror picture!



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