5 Fast Feng Shui Switches To Gain New Perspective

Apr 9, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

Ai Weiwei flips a chandelier on its side and it becomes something totally new.

If you are in a rut or simply feel ready for something new in life, a change of scenery can start the engine of transformation.  Seeing something from a new vantage point will shake up your sensibility and get fresh perspective flowing.  Here are some very simple ideas to gain a fresh perspective.  You may not need them for more than a day or two to un-stick your mental routines; some may open up your world to great new habits.  Exciting stuff!

1. Change the side of the bed you sleep on, even for one night.  If you sleep in the middle, pick one side or the other.  Your position in the bed does have an impact on your life. Even if its the worst night of sleep, take the chance to get a new perspective!

A friend just called to say he swapped sides of the bed and never slept as well.  If you are in a relationship, the person closest to the entrance door is the one taking the lead in energy and responsibility.  If you flip your side of the bed for a bit, if the situation seems right,  it can have powerful effects!

2. Drive/ walk / commute in a different route.  Go left instead of right.  Take a new train, a new walk, a new bike ride to wherever you have to go.  We commute through life often like zombies and new surroundings keep you alert and expand your life’s perimeters!

Landscape from Photography Dream on Etsy

3. Find a view.  Whether you tip your chair facing out a window, hike to the top of a hill or even buy or take yourself a fabulous landscape photograph to hang in your windowless office, a view is expansive, meditative and vital.

A doodle by Pablo Picasso

4. Try to draw with your non-dominant hand.  This will really shake up your senses!  I am right handed and when I do anything major like try to write or draw or eat with my left hand dominant, I feel totally bizarre.  And it is somehow exciting.  You don’t have to commit to this as a lifestyle, just try an opposite-handed doodle when you are getting stuck in repetition and uninspired.

Tangerine dreamy curtains make this room happen!

5. Take a small-but-big risk in your interior design.  Fantastic curtains are transformative, incredible color changes space, neon pillows can take a dull room to divine, a vintage lamp or neon sign can re-shape your world.  It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering, but one small “design risk” can renovate your home energy.  That energy spills endlessly into your life!

Have fun finding a new way!  xoxo Dana




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  1. Marcy

    Hmm… great suggestions! I always clean when I get “stuck” with a project. This is taking it a step further. I like the idea of switching spots on the bed periodically. That makes a lot of sense.



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