Clever Ways To Add Splashes Of Orange From Desire To Inspire!

Apr 9, 2012 | Home Style

A giant canvas balances the radiant heat of orange. (image via Desire to Inspire)

Orange is admittedly a tricky color to use without feeling overwhelmed by its strength and depth.  Since we all are well aware that Tangerine Tango is Pantone’s pick for Color of The Year, and even my feng shui master Gabriele Van Zon sings its feng shui praises for 2012, I thought I would pick some of the funnest splashes of orange I could find from one of my favorite decor blogs, Desire To Inspire– to get the ideas for orange-encorporation flowing…!

Small and simple splashes are yet totally captivating. Image via Desire To Inspire.

This Swedish apartment above gets its oomph with very deliberate placement of rich orange glass vases.  This is special, indeed.

Super-70's orange-floral-printed fabric makes for an awesome lampshade! (image via Desire To Inspire)

A splash of orange in a lampshade is sunny and glorious without taking over the room.  Notice how much attention it pulls though, even in small bits!

Deeper orange mixed into a rich tapestry adds dimension to a wall. (Image via Desire to Inspire)

An offbeat tapestry is perfectly imperfect, and an ideal way to incorporate fire colors in a casual, noncommittal but statement-making sense.

Digging the orange neon for sure! (Image via Desire to Inspire)

Ok, while most of you who know me know that the room above is not my feng shui balance cup of tea, the orange neon is Dan Flavin-esque and enormously genius!

This orange ombre wall has me transfixed! (Image via Desire to Inspire)

Last but hardly least, if you aren’t up for using giant art to balance the power of tangerine on walls, what about Michael Penney’s take on an ombre orange wall (this is spectacular!!!), where white furiture and clan styling lets the beauty of the color shine through?!

Oh I just love fabulous design!  And  I love Desire to Inspire!  Even if you are not crazy-into interiors, per say, their Pets On Furniture features can keep you entertained for a very long break surfing the web!

xoxo Dana


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