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Apr 10, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

richard misrach

Richard Misrach

Calming down is key to creating more.  The mythology of our modern life is that if we are not so busy that we can barely function, that means we are not being productive.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, smoothly flowing energy in your body = a maximized potential to function on every level.  If you have been particularly stressed, a few rituals to get your nervous system chilled out are in order.  And this does not mean you should sit on top of a mountain or take a six-month long vacation.  Here are some ideas to calm down & get more done at the same time!


This Mona Kuhn photograph says it all... there is crave and elegance yet a ton of energy in being calm!

Exercise is the most key ritual to both stress relief and energy production.  The key is to not OVER-EXERCISE.  That’s right.  Don’t overdo it!  While a running at a sprinting pace for a few miles might feel like its the thing you need to burn up your angst, a nice walk will accomplish the same without adding stress to your body.  If you are under stress, think walking, yoga, swimming.  And for all of you thinking about weight loss, you are apt to be closer to your card fat-burning zone if you WALK than RACE; you learn that in marathon training.  Life is a marathon, so don;t burn yourself out in extremes!

tracey_emin_with you I breathe

Tracey Emin

Learn how to breathe.  Stop right now and breathe how you usually breathe.  Now, sit up a bit straighter, put you hand on your stomach and breathe INTO your hand.  Try to let yourself breathe that deeply.  A few minutes of breathing like this when things start spinning in your head will take you to a better place!  Yes, you can get into all sorts of patterned breathing exercises, but this is a simple place to start.  Do it periodically though out the day and see how it makes you feel.

Carry around a little aromatherapy.  Lavender, rose, sandalwood, cedar wood essential oils….all GROUNDING oils that will chemically/actually help to calm you without knocking out your ambition.  You can put a few drops on your wrist if you so choose if you are freaking out.  And in your are having a real panic attack, you can douse yourself with lavender (chest, pulse points like wrists and behind your ears, and the soles of your feet)  and pretty much bring yourself back to earth in this way.

cal mag calm drink

Powdered Calm!

B-Vitamins help your nervous system and your energy levels at the same time.  People who suffer from anemia and exhaustion often get vitamin B-12 shots for extra energy. Taking a B-vitamin supplement is a good habit to implement when you are getting run down.

Calcium/Magnesium….especially in a powdered form that you can drink with tea… is the most killer nerve tonic ever.  If you bring your teeth at night, suffer from stiff muscles due to stress, have trouble sleeping or have overall jitters, this Cal-Mag drink will rock your world.  Start slowly though, and work up to your best dose, because too much can cause your digestive system distress.

Write in a journal.  Its such basic advice, but even I can’t keep up with my journaling as much as I should.  You can dump thoughts into a journal that otherwise would swim in your mind unchecked, pulling your focus away from life.  Write, writing, write, write, write it out.  Its the best for of therapy I have found on a daily basis to unwind your mind.

And, of course, find your own rituals and tailor them to your life.  Walking your dog, watching the fish swim, prayers, creative visualization, cooking, cleaning….reading… puzzles… making music…There are so many excellent ways to find your center and still stay in the flow of life.  See if you can install one into your life soon… and tell me how it goes!  xoxo Dana


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