Feng Shui Lesson: What’s Wrong With This Bedroom?

Apr 11, 2012 | Feng Shui 101


Purple Bedroom via Decorista

“Feng Shui in the Bedroom” is an endless topic filled with specialized recommendations depending on your specific life needs, but there are many general rules that do apply.  Lets look at this bedroom in a piece of glamorous New York real estate and get a sense of where and how it has gone so very wrong feng shui-style…(its a good lesson of what NOT to do!)…1. Purple is overwhelming in this horrific dosage. In fact, psychological tests have shown that enormous amounts of purple can make people feel sick (lavender especially).  While purple in bits is fantastic for many, purple for others is totally horrible.  Use purple as a fire accent color to create a sense of the regal, the rarified, somewhat spiritual and eccentric in an elevated manner.  Use this much purple and you might as well live in a Theme Park.  No, No, No Good!!!!

2. There is a desk in the bedroom (& bonus points of bad: the desk is blocking the insane view!!!).  I know some of you live in studios or have dorms or have homes that require you to work in your bedroom.  This is really NOT OK when you live in a giant NY skyscraper.  If you can afford this view, you should be able to afford a place to work that is not your bedroom.  In this way, you wake up to “work” and “stuff to do” rather than the expansiveness of a city view.

3. Chairs as decorations.  OMG I know we’ve all done it before, but chairs are not decorations.  A giant upholstered chair hanging out in the middle of nowhere is not a chair, it becomes a weird obstruction.  Do you sit, facing your bed, alone, in this chair?  How do you explain its position? By the way, its even more bizarre that the artwork over the chair is so low it practically rests on the back of the chair, and this is weird and off-putting.

4. So, point four: weird, off-putting art and hanging art too high or too low in a bedroom will create discomfort.  Here it feels like the room is small since the art is so low and so apparent on the wall.

5. Crazy Fire Element bedrooms:  yes, I have already droned on about the purple, but what is critical to note is that the room is almost all fire in its five element composition.(more on the elements right HERE)  Purple everywhere, then oranges here and there = all fire.  There is only a bit of white and a wall of glass also draped in the fire of plum.  This room can create a massive sleep disturbance, anxiety or a general sense of being ill at ease.

& finally 6.  The bed is on the same wall as the entrance door.  Do not do this is you have a choice!!!  A bed on this wall is quite subject to its occupants feeling threatened, anxious or otherwise at a disadvantage energetically.

Does this make sense?! Hope so!  Feel free to send me a room you see in a magazine / on a blog that you are feeling might be a feng shui nightmare & we’ll do a lesson any time!  xoxo Dana


  1. Linda

    How would you deal with a bedroom that it’s only solid wall is the same wall as the entrance wall? The other walls have windows. So basically the headboard would be against a window or on the entrance wall.

    • danaclaudat

      In most cases I’d pick the window (depending on what is behind it!) and reinforce the back of the bed with a solid headboard, great curtains, maybe a shoji screen, etc. 🙂


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