Feng Shui Q & A: What Do I Do About A Tree Blocking My View?

Apr 11, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

Dustin Yellin

Dustin Yellin (photo: Robert Miller Gallery)

A reader asked the question:  “How do you deal with a tree directly in front of a main window? Someone suggested hanging a mirror directly on the tree, is this a good idea?”

My Answer:

Although I know its frustrating when someone answers a question with another question, I have to ask, ” WHY IS A TREE BLOCKING A WINDOW A BAD THING? ” There is really one systematic approach to giant things like trees that you can not move—- you must take the best of them and use that wood energy to your advantage. Trees, framed, have the power to be positive symbols of lush wood energy which is extremely good for your own creative and physical growth and the manifesting of positive prosperity.

Frame the tree is my first advice. Make that window stellar. If you have awful blinds or terrible curtains, replace them. I would go so far as to suggest you paint the frames of all your windows in the room to reinforce the idea that the outside is being brought inside with aesthetic value to you, but I really need to see your space to know if this is an approachable idea.

Next, I’d say to build in an alternate “view” by either adding art with a view inherent in its content or by strategically positioning your seating area to captire the view out another window.

If you need more light, up your wattage and opt for full-spectrum light bulbs that bring back inside the sunlight you are lacking fron the outside.

These three ideas may seem general or may not specifically apply to you, but I suggest you use them as a jumping off point in thinking of the best solution for you.  When thinking of this tree do you feel “blocked” in your view or in some area of your life?

One last note: do not put mirrors on trees. Its extraordinarily invasive and disruptive to have the outside of your home mirrored back through one of your windows. Rather than confronting the issue, you will be throwing it back upon yourself in a very unsettling manner.

By the way, we all need to find ways of dealing with blocked views in cities, especially.  Sometimes it requires a little creativity to find the correct solution, but its most important to create a view (even if its in the manner of using art, as described above) where there is no view.  This will keep your life spacious and unrestricted!


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  1. Joy Trunk

    I am looking at buying a business building and it has a large beautiful tree(Tamarack) blocking part of the large front window. I am having a contactor do some work in other places in the building and was thinking of having him move the window over a foot or so to have more of a vision.(he has to put a new window in this area anyway. )

    I had heard that it is not good to have your vision blocked by a tree is this true? I would be very interested in your comments, and to get more information on Feng Shui, but not black hat Feng Shui.

    I really enjoyed your information I read on this web site.

    Thank you

    • danaclaudat

      Absolutely add the window in a new place! There are some benefits to trees— as a landmark to a business, for instance! And I am the opposite of Black Hat feng shui and do not subscribe or share one lick of it- so no worries from me! 😉

    • danaclaudat

      And I emailed you from your inquiry! xx Dana

  2. Cyn

    THANK YOU for the best answer yet!!! I have a huge wide and tall pine tree right in front of my main window and I love it. I do get a view because it was just pruned from bottoms up to at least 6 feet. Now the tree is happy not to die slowly with all the dead branches removed. And I feel good energy flowing. My wiindow faces SE. Thanks agian. Best Wishes.

    • danaclaudat

      love it!!! so happy to hear! xoxp


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