Designing Your Dream Life & Building Solid, Stable Foundations!

Apr 17, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

Ca Guo-Quiang turns explosions into searing art... in life, explosions are not artful!

Safety and stability- two very big words that define your sense of peace and freedom to be all that you can be.  In this wild world we live in, it is very easy to feel the pressure of achievement and jump past the need for a foundation in life and love.  When you start with a real foundation, you build something real.  Isn’t that what we all want?!  Here is some feng shui for today to get you thinking about and creating stability and safety in your home.

First of all, lets talk for a minute about WHY stability and safety are so fundamental to your life!  Abraham Maslow, the famed psychologist and researcher who developed a pyramid called the Hierarchy of Needs based on studying thousands of healthy, successful individuals, discovered that there were a set of steps that individuals must master in their lives to attain their highest potential.  This pyramid of needs (above) is very simple to understand, and very profound to shape your aspirations.

Notice that great health and safety are at the BASE of the pyramid.  We need to have these first, BEFORE launching into relationships, aesthetic mastery (being the genius you are COMPLETELY!) or full-scale transcendence.  This is key.

Cracks in walls = things falling apart!

Speaking in feng shui terms, stability is demonstrated in your house in structure and form.  Cracks, leaks and poor foundations are the first sense of instability that you can view at home.  You can’t ignore these things and pretend that they are no big deal, trust me!!!

this big upholstered headboard helps create a feeling of stability

Upholstered headboards- or nice big headboards and solid walls behind a bed- are a fabulous way to reinforce a sense of stability and safety both physically and in relationships.  If you don’t have a big headboard,  a makeshift one (shoji screen or a big solid wall behind the bed) will help you to support the sense of stability and safety that is key to health and love.

Solid furniture that is deliberately placed can help you gain a greater sense of stability. Rickety, deteriorating or otherwise flimsy furniture does not make you feel good energetically.

Great doors are great things!!!

Make sure that your doors work properly. Doors let things in and shut things out.  Nope, your door does not have to be red.  Your door does have to open and close properly, lock safely and open up into a clear view of your home.  If you walk into obstacles in your foyer or entranceway, you reinforce obstacles in your life.

labyrinths are magical, but not as a symbol of what it takes to find your front door!

Clear your paths to and from your house.  If the walkway in and out of your home is obscured, broken or otherwise difficult, you are reinforcing difficulty and the broken parts of your life.  A clear road in and out of your home (although I know not all of them can be perfect, do your best!) will open up the channels of ease and help you feel supported energetically in your home.

Geting stable and solid actually FEELS GOOD, so have fun with it! Step by step, guys.  xoxo Dana



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