The Color Green & Your Creativity This Spring!

Apr 18, 2012 | Creativity

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Green is the color we think of in Spring as life blooms, plants shoot up and creative energy starts to swirl in the air. In feng shui, the color green is representative of the element WOOD and this element dominates creativity, flexibility, socializing, growing and fueling change.  When we don’t have enough wood in our elemental mix, we might have lots of feelings and ideas but no impetus to stretch our wings and actualize them.  When we have too much wood in our elemental mix, we might feel like we are stagnant, in the weeds, unable to complete things or even rigid.  Balanced wood energy in the Springtime- and even a bit extra- can help make your gorgeous months ahead really lively, inspiring and active!  Here are a few ideas to get the creative, prosperous wood energy of the color green growing in your home.  

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It goes without saying that houseplants are the #1 way to add green + nature in any room of your house (*except the bedroom).  A good mix of green or a few green accessories like the tables above can add a healthy, exciting dose of green to a gathering area.  But, caution, above the room is WAY too much wood in its energy for just about anyone.  Add your vibrant green but keep it under control!

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For a lively dining room, green Chinoiserie wallpaper is a glamourous and energetic touch.  Can you feel how engaging this room is?!

Green bottles easily covert to vases that add extra creative green to a space at will!

If you want to add some non-permanent wood energy at home, try some green bottles as vases in a sunny room, or on a mantle.

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And for your kitchen… you need wood. Always!  So, if you haven’t already, add a healthy dose of foliage, a green wall or some solid wood accessories to your kitchen to counteract the draining effect of the pipes there!

These are a few green ideas to get you thinking… Green ikat pillows, green lawn chairs, a sage green tablecloth, some green water tumblers… the list goes on and on of green you can incorporate in your home.


  1. Tara

    Hi Dana,
    Have been reading all your posts since I discovered your site about a month ago, and really enjoying it!
    Not quite related with green, but I have a question for you – what would you say about an exotic blue butterfly in a display case as decoration? I have it here on my desk where I’m working and of course it’s beautiful and colourful, and represents all kinds of lovely things, but is in fact a corpse… It came into my life at a time of transformation and somehow seemed fitting, but I have a feeling you might advise against?
    Thank you!

    • danaclaudat

      you know, butterflies are beautiful. and it seems a shame to see them on display when yu want to see them magically fly away. but… if this is the meaning you hold for this butterfly, enjoy it. and send me pix! please! xoxo Dana

  2. Sasha

    Hi Dana, I love your posts! I am wondering why you noted above that too much wood energy and plants in particular should be avoided in the bedroom. I currently have a few plants in my bedroom and I feel like they enliven my space while being relaxing at the same time. I was thinking about adding more! Is there a reason why I shouldn’t? Thanks!

    • danaclaudat

      Some argue that growing plants in a bedroom are a positive addition to a bedroom. If you are doing well with what you have, keep it where it is. I’m gonna elaborately answer your question as a post tomorrow because its a super-great one! Thank you for the blog love! xoxo Dana



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