Feng Shui Home Improvement Investments To Make With Your Tax Return!

Apr 20, 2012 | Prosperity

green dragon

make this dragon year prosperous!!!

Tax season has come and gone, and before you blow that entire refund check that hasn’t even arrived yet, consider investing your refund check from the IRS in some feng shui-promoting  goodies that will increase your overall prosperity in 2012.  After all, health and happiness are the best investments you can make, and wealth atop it all is just fabulous!!!

organic wool is a great way to go for mattresses!

Get yourself a new mattress. A clean, organic mattress made of natural materials. If you have just done this, invest in some fabulous bedding that is organic.  Why do I say this? Easy: mattresses and linens that have been chemically treated or created from non-organic materials have perticides and other flame retardants oin them that you literally breathe in, and soak in through your skin, as you sleep.  Yep, this is a big investment. THIS article from Mercola will present you with compelling data on why I say “go truly green” with your mattress!

its pure magic to watch things grow in your garden

Create a garden this Spring, or become part of a community garden if you live in a city. This article from TLC will give you the basics of how to start a garden at home.  It is utterly fulfilling to watch your own planted goodies grow right before your eyes. 

Install a crazy-awesome water purifier! While your Brita might be a bit better that water straight from the tap, a really killer water purifier can rock your world.  Considering our cells are mainly made up of water, the quality of water you put in your body is key.  I have tried lugging jugs of alkaline water from the “water stores” in LA that are becoming quite trendy, but kids, its not that easy to do.  I am a believer that a water purifier can change the way your home works. I’m calling on Dr. Mercola again to provide a beginners guide to finding an effective water filter to fit your needs at home.  If you are thrilled about alkaline water benefits (and there are many, an acidic body is not a healthy body!) you can even indulge in the Bio-Mat Water Ionizer to create your own alkaline water at home!

aquariums come in all shapes and sizes

Get yourself a fabulous fish tank. It could be a small bowl of a giant contraption, but the good fortune of fish swimming in a healthy environment is just beautiuful! Moving water and motion promote smooth, healthy and real change and good circulation in your home!

Fluff up your bedroom with spa-quality towels and bathroom goodies! Have you any idea how many times I have seen men and women who work like crazy to look and feel good, but have not the slightest bit of sanctuary in their home? Try some new fluffy towels, calming colors, a DIY sugar scrub, some aromatherapy, a bunch of bamboo in a vase… and make your bathroom as peaceful as possible! 

green smoothies in a Vitamix are the solid track to looking and feeling insanely amazing!

Buy a Vitamix  to get your kitchen veggie factor soaring. Why would you buy a blender that costs at least $400 and at most $1000? You will have your Vitamix forever, it will never grow old, it will pulverize kale into juice, it will make flour from coconut, it will change your life.   One great big veggie-green-based smoothie can flood your cells with more energy than a pot of coffee without the side effects, strenthening your immune system and helping your organs to detoxify.  This roundup of smoothie and green juice recipes from Mind Body Green will get your imagination soaring!


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