Some Feng Shui To Chill Out In A Fresh Way This Spring!

Apr 23, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

blue room

If you life is chaotic and stressed, you may need to chill out…literally.  The cooling energy of “yin” will create a nice counterbalance to your “yang” loud & crazy life.  Just like adding cool blue to a room or two in your home (albeit overkill in the fabulous image above), adding cool properties to your life when you are running hot can add the balance you need.  

The Trevi Fountain is extremely extreme and beyond glamorous, but any fountain you can get your hands on can cool off a room.

Keep an aloe plant on hand and stick a few leaves in your fridge to rub on dry skin.  Peppermint foot balm, eye cream and even body lotion kept in the fridge can instantly cool you off in a refreshing way.

While the fruit can herbs can be seasonally matched (oh, in summer watermelon and juicy mango are the best!!!) , the groovy and perennially awesome nature of water beside you bursting with flavor will keep you cool and fully hydrated.

There’s nothing like a pop-art fan (try vintage fan + fabulous spray paint in eye-catching colors) to cool down a room and get the stress vibe flowing out, the fresh, directed air flowing in… and all good things follow!

Last but not least, the food shui of YIN eating can keep your body balanced in a big way.  Juicy lettuce salads, melon, mint… all very cooling.

So, you don’t have to be in the midst of summer to bring cooling properties to your life.  Think holistically and cool the heat of your life to gain balance! xoxo Dana


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