Feng Shui Q & A : How To Have Sweeter Dreams

Apr 25, 2012 | Feng Shui 101


A reader asked the question: “Is there any  feng shui to help me to dream more when I sleep?”

My answer:

Dreams happen when sleep is sound enough to be “dreamy.”  A few dream-inducing techniques to try: 

1. make sure your mattress is comfy and if it isn’t, try a pillow-top, an “egg-crate” foam or a memory foam topper as an affordable fix.  these goodies also create a barrier between you and your potentially toxic mattress.  (yep, tons of mattresses are toxic!)

2. great pillows make a big deal of difference.  fresh pillows are a good way to renovate your bed for little $$$. when you dump old pillows you dump lots of mites and other parasites along with them.  i know, its brutal to say, but its true.

3. lavender oil on pillows (i put a few drops on one side of a pillow and sleep on the opposite side) will help you drift away soundly to dreamland. 

4. go to bed earlier! Its hard (for me its sometimes impossible) to do, but you will sleep better and more “healthfully) according to Traditional Chinese Medicine if you go to bed by 11, or midnight the latest!

5. a white noise machine can help you get into a “sleep zone”, creating a blanket of sound. i have a friend who can not sleep without the sound of a fan in the distance.  others need music. some, nature sounds.  experiment until you find your perfect lullaby.

6. keep a dream journal at your bedside.  before you go to bed write down in your dream journal “i will remember my dreams tonight” and when you wake up jot down any bits you remember.  this really does help with dreaming AND understanding your dreams in the daylight!

Let me know if any of these dreamy tricks help!


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