Feng Shui Gift-Giving Basics!

Apr 26, 2012 | Creativity

this photo was a gift of a flower from a dear friend and genius.

Thoughtful gifts endure.  In my world, the best gifts make people feel happy and make their lives feel and work a little bit better. Here are a few ideas for really great gifts that will make your friends, family and lovers a little bit happier at home! Here is your first feng shui gift guide!  Stash this list & pull it out before housewarmings, birthdays, and “just because” days!

this Homedics white noise machine can make all the difference in your sleep time.

A white noise machine is the ideal gift for your friend who just moved and can’t seem to get comfortable at bedtime.  A little nature noise- the ocean, the rain, a jungle, a heartbeat- can help you drift off in a blanket of lovely music into the soundest of sleep. This sound machine from Homedics can really revolutionize the way you feel about sound & sleep.

A Sea Salt lamp or lamp bowl (an illuminated bowl full of salt crystals) is not just an orange glowing ball of awesome. Sea Salt lamps truly purify the air in your home and promote peace and calm.  When you turn on the lamp, you release positive ions into the air, purifying the nearby environment.  If you have lots of electronics in your home, these ions can clear out the air of electromagnetic pollution.  Sea Salt lamps have been reported to help with allergies, moods and overall feelings of well-being.

Sea Salt lamps can change the air!

Although I am not one to promote these little guys heavily, a fabulous housewarming gift for your friend in a guesthouse— a bagua mirror! Bagua mirrors are traditionally hung over a front door (or main entrance) to send the bad vibes off & away from your front door (and your life!)…! In a guest house, a bagua mirror can symbolically separate your home from the energy of the house in front of it.

a bagua mirror is kitch & caring all at once!

engraved stones are double-permanent 🙂

Engraved stones.  Earth-borne gifts have an enduring quality, and inspiring tributes embedded in stone are highly permanent and meaningful. You can customize an etched rock on Etsy...and I highly hope you do!

sunflowers are love and cheer flowers, orchids in pink for sincere devotion and money trees for...money!

Symbolic flowers & plants. When in doubt, go the flower route.  If you are looking to be particularly symbolic, search the meaning of flowers and find one with a story that fits the occasion.  THIS post will guide you in the ABC’s of flower symbolism.

these little 40 mm crystals pack a big disco punch.

Crystals that sparkle. I always say that gifts of rainbows are unforgettable, which is why I give so many gifts of sparkling faceted 40mm crystal (often referred to as “feng shui crystal”) to hang in windows as sun catchers.  I do not ascribe to any voodoo/blessed meaning behind these crystals, butI do endorse the power of rainbow-refracted light to create fresh energy in any space!

your car should both look good AND smell great!!!

Crazy awesome car aromatherapy. Aura Cascia makes a fabulous little “plug-into-your-car” diffuser that warms up essential oils and helps stir potent, life-changing fragrances into the air.  A very small investment at under $10.00, this diffuser is worth its weight in car-frangrance gold.  Road rage be gone with lavender and rose oils & wake up with peppermint and rosemary oils.

z gallerie has my favorite tabletop fountains!

A little fountain is a sure-fire hit of a gift! Who doesn’t like the relaxing sound of flowing water? Plus, when you give a gift of a fountain, you give a gift of momentum and change to a person’s life.  Moving water is a powreful catalyst to get life moving.  This fountain from Z Gallerie is under $40.00 and pretty chic.

& last but not least, major love is the ultimate in life-affirming gifts to give!  That’s the best gift you can give anyone…and more priceless than anything you can buy!!! xoxo Dana


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