Feng Shui Q & A: What Are Common Bedroom Feng Shui Mistakes?

Apr 27, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

this eve-catching room is too hot to sleep in.

A reader asked the question: “What some common feng shui mistakes made with bedrooms? What are the most overlooked aspects of bedroom feng shui?”

My answer…

One very common issues I encounter in bedrooms is a function of reading certain feng shui literature that emphasizes the color red as a symbol for romance. While it is accurate that red is the color that correlates symbolically with love and passion, it is also the color that overwhelms, overheats and can foster restlessness and anger. A flame that burns too hot will destroy things rather than warm and nourish them. Overdoing it in the bedroom with fire colors that are saturated- deep orange, hot pinks, deep purple and specifically red – is a common thing to see. 

Exposed wires all over the place are another common problem. While you may be unable to 100% eradicate wires, even a little hardware store wire-hiding kit for a few bucks can help you elegantly make them less of a hazard and an eyesore.  Duct tape can also cure your wire distress.

Also, a common and overlooked problem with bedroom feng shui is the idea of energy flow around your bed.  If your bed has stuff stashed under it, does not have a frame to lift it off the ground or your bedroom has stagnant air (as in, there is little space or circlation in the room where it is located) you might want to think about lifting it up, cleaning out what is underneath and perhaps getting a small fan to run for a bit each day to get the chi (life force) flowing around you when you sleep. 


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