Instagramming: A Weekend To Love

Apr 30, 2012 | Uncategorized

The most magical weekends- or any days- are rarely the ones that are loaded with expectations.  This weekend’s instagram is filled with gems from my very average-seeming, unplanned weekend that I will never forget. Total weekend to love. 

My early morning, hour-long drive to the dentist could have totally sucked…but we were just minutes from a perfect beach walk, nap in the sun and real-estate-stalking along the waterfront.  This was the first time I got to dip my feet in ocean water in over a year and a half!

cactus flowers

Cactus flowers were really unexpected beachside.


In & Out Burgers… Then picnic with a drum circle nearby, with the flowering trees above our heads.

picnic view

And, when you find alleys filled with murals while you are driving for a late-day latte, its always a good surprise.

Luckily, the fruit trucks filled with mangoes, pineapple, jicama, melons and cucumbers have started to pepper the streets in Hollywood again… the best with chili pepper and fresh lime on top in abundance.

So, we grabbed a bag and went to the Melrose flea market to snap photos of dolls that looked possessed and trays full of antique chandelier bits.

This, my dear friends, is artful living. Get into the joy of every day and you will have a story to tell about moments you never thought possible that were right before your eyes.

xoxo Dana


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