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May 1, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

A reader asked the question: ” I am living in a flat with two others of which we all have very different time tables. What is the best way to integrate a flat with so many different things/personality’s going on in a feng shui sense? This is probably a difficult question! As a creative I can tell what to do in a visual sense, and it has been done. However there is still a ‘blocky’ feel about the place.”

Here’s my answer

Roomates are a challenge, indeed!  Many personalities, and in this case, many different schedules, means that there needs to be a lot of group agreement and spatial as well as actual verbal communication and flow to keep things together as life marches forward.

You have to represent all of you in the space, each roommate in agreement on the decor and vibe in shared spaces,  but stick to basic principles. Visually it sounds like you have nailed it creatively.  Thats a big hurdle, so bravo!  Now, energetically, lift the space a bit.  Fresh flowers are hard to maintain, but hearty houseplants (even one “group” plant) will help add freshness.  Consider opening the windows a few minutes a day for fresh air.  Try streaming some sunlight into the place, even if many of you are out all the time, whenever you can.

Make group decisions for the greatest good of the place overall: no clutter, a strict cleaning schedule, no obstructed pathways, a weekly meeting amongst you (a drink, a tea?) where you can talk about things positive and negative openly and work them out (so no “repressed hostility” builds) and make sure you all have a place to work/hang out at home that is easy to access. With multiple people on different schedules, communication is a crazy-vital part of your energy.

Now, for the private space issues: you can only control what is your bedroom/private space fully.  Do the most with your private space that you can.  This is your primary concern.

However, in a feng shui sense, the position of other people’s bedrooms will affect you overall.  In a consultation I have shown many people with roommates how the slob who sleeps in the prosperity area of the home is dragging them down, how the happy couple in the power area is making them more open to dating, and how the blocked creative in the creativity part of the bagua could be screwing with their creative juju in more ways than one.  That said, you can’t judge your co-habitators.  You can show them where they sleep and how they are able to positively or negatively influence the home… and you can hope for the best!

What a big topic! What a cool question!!! Good luck!


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  1. Elise

    Thank-you! You’re a gem! I will let you know how we go…

  2. Carolyn

    Great article! Element testing for all of them could be very helpful too. Especially to find out if Fire personalities are clashing, etc. and how to make them more comfortable within their spatial elements.


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