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May 3, 2012 | Home Style

glamour in a custom headboard via Design*Sponge

A reader asked the question: ” What about Headboards? There is a wooden one painted black that I am interested in, but don’t know if color is problematic?”

My answer:

image via House Beautiful

There are so many things to be said about headboards and a person’s personality, this is a fun & poetic topic!

Having no headboard at all could signal the feeling that this is a temporary, “just-passing-through” place to live, or it could be the sign of someone who is not grounded and not aware of how to care for themselves. 

This is not your issue now, as you are in the market for a headboard!  You are looking at a wooden, black headboard.  Lets start with the feng shui of wood in the bedroom.  Creative, natural, and solid.  I am into real, solid wood.  Its got integrity, structure, strength.  We like all of those words.

Now, the black.  Its a sexy, mysterious color. Too much is morbid and also tens to seperate you from society.   As long as your whole room isn’t laden with black, it shouldn’t be a big problem, speaking in a general sense.  However, because you are asking, I ask you this question: “what compelled you to be unclear about black as a good choice?”   Ultimately, its not going to be a make-break point in the success of your bedroom….most-likely. (I can only be so specific without atually knowing you and your particular needs)

But, here is what I can say definitively: a SOLID, LARGE headboard will create a sense of stability and you need a sense of stability in the bedroom.  Triangular headboards can add visual interest and fire, but that fire may be too much for a person, or a couple, that already runs “very hot” by nature.  And metal headboards are to be avoided because they conduct electricity, which is the last thing you need behind your head at night in this world full of electrical/technological smog!

I hope that helps a bit!  This sounds good to me…. I’d go for it!!!


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  1. Anna

    Hi, I recently moved to a new apartment. Is it a big no no if the headboard is not solid? If yes, is there an easy fix you can recommend? Thank you for a great blog! Looking forward to your response.


    • danaclaudat

      if you have a solid wall, no bathroom and no windows behind you, it should be ok! Otherwise, I’d either put a tapestry or even a folding screen thats cool looking behind the bed to make it more solid! and thank you! Congrats on your new place!!! xoxo

  2. Rose

    I sleep on a small twin size futon. Mom lives w/ me so I gave her my bed & I sleep on the futon. I can’t find a headboard for the futon & I think I should just buy a regular bed. What is your advice? Thanks for all your great ideas!

    • danaclaudat

      a bed is a very good thing, if you have room for it. you can “mock up” a headboard with a tapestry pinned to the wall behind your head, etc, in the meantime! xxoo

  3. Zara

    Hi Dana, I have a black metal bed which I can’t replace at the moment. Can I attach a wooden slab to the wall behind the bed? Or does it have to be part of the bed. Thanks

    • danaclaudat

      You should be fine… maybe a tapestry on the wall would be good to create more stabity. something simple & beautiful 🙂


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