Breakfast Glamour

May 4, 2012 | Creativity

A gorgeous tea setting does not have to be a rarity!

Breakfast is not always the easiest meal to have… especially since we are usually driving, commuting or sleeping through it most days!  Taking the time for breakfast seems like a luxury, but its a necessity.  If you can glam up your breakfast habits, you might just find the motivation to rise a bit earlier this week!  Here are some breakfast set-ups to swoon over…

luxury and abundance rule the day!

While you may not chill a bottle of Cristal every morning before croissants, look at how much joy a pile of pastry brings to the morning.  A big bowl of fruit or an abundance of greens thrown in a blender to make a smoothie can be equally abundant to set the tone for the day ahead… Crystal chandeliers- or crystals at your table- throw fabulous energy onto your plate, by the way!  

Gunilla Bruce on Decor8

A rainbow of jams and an artfully casual toast buffet start a day with flavor, options and a bit of randomity to get the right brain working…

Petrouchka Dinnerware from Horchow

If you want to really set your life on a new plane, try setting a gorgeous table.  Truly gorgeous.  You can collect plates from thrift and still manage to have it be a dazzling display.  Sitting down at such a table elevates any meal, especially breakfast, to a new place.

Breakfast European style from Petit Paris

And, lastly but hardly least, eating outside, on a balcony, on a terrace, on the lawn, on the picnic tables beside your office building- whatever and wherever you can find outdoor space- makes the breakfast ritual a part of your Tao connection to nature.  This will set your life in a more fluid motion with the cycles of nature where everything works out beautifully!

No more skipping breakfast; time to start celebrating it!!!  xoxo Dana


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