A Few Do’s And Don’t Of Styling Effective Home Decor Vignettes

May 7, 2012 | Home Style

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Some of us dare, some of us don’t…some indulge and some overindulge.  Home vignettes are little assemblages of “stuff” that create a nice snapshot, a lovely story or a wonderful moment in your home.  Used with specificity and an eye toward balance, these little vignettes can add immeasurably great feng shui juju to your house.  When overdone or done by someone other than you (IE, an interior decorator of friend who picks THEIR favorite stuff rather than yours) and you are suddenly disconnected from your home which, incidentally always feels like a confused mess.  Here are a few ways to get your own home vignettes rocking!

1. You do not live in a prop house.  Be very careful if you are attempting thematic vignettes like the photography-based one above, that you don’t cross the line into set decoration.  Too much stuff “placed” in an installation and suddenly things are less approachable, less warm and friendly, more aggressive and more annoying.  The vignette pictured above treads the line to “overboard”  but in my mind doesn’t cross it!

Julie Yenicag Interiors

2. Realize you will not always have the fresh flowers you have today. If your “vignette” will fall flat without fresh blooms, add more legitimate form, color, texture or art.  Colored vases, blown glass sculptures, dynamic paintings, compelling photographs… they may be needed to have some life force other than simply putting ephemeral flowers out on a counter top.

Jean Randazzo photograph style & designed by Kishani Perera

3. Personality is what its all about, so please don’t try to copy what you see in West Elm or Ikea unless you feel personally attached to it!  Stretch yourself a little.  Dig through your family heirlooms, thrift stores, art galleries… Avoid the morbid please, unless you love the morbid, and then keep it for your private spaces!!

found on Pinterest!

4. Too much of a good thing happens very quickly.   Check the mess above.  With a little editing and a bit of a personal touch, the above forest of expensive knick knacks and overall dusty looking stuff could be fresh and glamorous!

from Piewacket blog

5.Color is your best friend, especially in small spaces where you can add and take it away at will. The above grouping of green glass could easily be swapped out for some orange if you needed a bit of heat in that area of your home.  Small decor elements have the bonus nature of being expendable and portable.  And despite how much you love black, white and grey, everyone needs a little color! 

 Oh yes, and you know when you have succeeded here- your home looks and feels like you.,..but even better.  If your vignettes need a face lift, things might seem tired, heavy or overwhelming.  If you need to focus more…ditch a bit of your knick knack culture for the time being.  The great news is that you can build it back in no time!  xoxo Dana



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