Instagramming: Pleasant Surprises

May 7, 2012 | Uncategorized

rose petals

This week I was pleasantly surprised by several magical things I caught on Instagram.  looking back at the photos I realizeInstagram is a digitally efficient way to help you capture a visual diarly that only meakes sense in review.  Pleasant surprises, like a mountain of rose petal confetti magically strewn on my doorstep, are the theme of last week, flowing into this one seamlessly.

puppy on bed

Nothing quite like waking up to remember that Bob can jump on my bed now, and even he was pleasantly surprised by the camera!

wall of retna grafitti

I had no idea this wall existed across from LACMA on Wilshire facing into the Variet’s building’s glass courtyard lobby.  RETNA front and center, such incredible street art codified into sculpture.

bowl of fruit

Can you believe this fruit is real? Was a great moment of illusion vs. nature vs. reality this weekend!

feel more better t-shirt

My very brilliant friend gifted me a few fabulous tee…Feel More Better is the catch phrase of today…and every day…!

 feng shui 101 book

And last but not least I was surprised, pleasantly but still surprised, that I, myself,  the harbinger of creative “get-it-done-ness”,  is still in limbo on the last few chapters of the Feng Shui 101 book that is going change the way your view every space you are in…forever! …Surprisingly, even I have trouble finishing things…but pleasantly, I can say for real that this book is at the finish line!

If you’re on Instagram, hit me up @thetaoofdana and I will follow you back to see your life unfold in pictures!  xoxo Dana


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