Feng Shui Q & A: My Money Corner Is In My Garage!

May 11, 2012 | Prosperity


A reader asked the question: ” The wealth corner of my home is my garage: How do I create a positive flow of energy to ensure a healthy financial position?”

And here’s my answer (and a general feng shui money answer too!):

Ok, so your garage is in the far left area of your home as oriented from the entrance door (ie.e. you walk in the front door and its in the far back left of your home) , otherwise known as the wealth/finance/ self-empowerment area.  What does this mean to your money?

Lets think basics since I don’t know you that well.  Garages are often used as dumping grounds.  Yours can’t be used as such.  Everything stored in there should be extremely organized and weeded-through & purged often.  To create space for wealth to flow in, create space in general.  An overloaded area is not powerful.

tropical hibiscus vinyl wall stickers from grey wolf graphics on Etsy can bring blooming sensibility to flat space.

Now, I’d love to post a client’s photos of his garage filled with art framed on the walls, but I will not.  I will tell you that this is a great idea, though.  Lush, tropical images, nature, abundance… framed and officially hung on the walls is best, informally hung up is fine if its the best you can do.  You can even paint the garage violet and add lots of tropical vinyl patterns to the walls.

Keep your car clean and in great repair.  Keep the door moving properly.  Make sure there’s lots of light.  All good things.  I hope this helps!!! xoxo Dana


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  1. Michael

    Good post, but I think that it is necessary for everyone. to think in a positive way and then everything will be fine!

    And every morning to say myself all be alright !

  2. Bibi

    Hi Dona,
    I am married a widdow man and his wife was too sick woth cancer. I did not change the bed and its position is directly facing the main door. It is impossible to move to another corner. Add to this my bed has no board behing and in front. I placed a small wood box in front of the bed. It is impossible to change the bedroom now. Please advise, I need your help.

    • danaclaudat

      Can you move the bed? Not at all? If you can move the bed to one side or the other it will be better. Also, keep the bedroom door shut when you are sleeping… and try to put something— even if its a painted wood board, behind the bed as well to give you more stability!


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