I’m In Glamour This Month, So Its Love & Sex Feng Shui Makeover Time!

May 13, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

I am so psyched that I got to be part of a the Secrets To Great Sex article in Glamour this June as the voice of feng shui!

And after reading the whole article (I suggest you do if you are into hot sex, and you can find it in part right HERE!) I decided that its time to do an awesome offer this month: Bedroom Love & Sex Feng Shui Makeovers!   Guys, you are gonna love this!!! 

Do you ….

  • have a lack of love in your life?
  • have a broken heart?
  • have a relationship that’s on the rocks, or a string of relationships that have hit the rocks!?
  • attract the same kind of partner (that you don’t need)
  • have a super-bland or unfulfilling sex life?
  • want to be more magnetic & attractive!?
  • feel ready to prepare for “The One”…?!
A Bedroom Love & Sex Feng Shui Makeover can make it happen for you!  
  • set up your home to attract the love you desire
  • tap into your sensual energy with aromatherapy, nutrition, and even color therapy!
  • revamp your closet, your makeup bag and your bathroom
  • learn to nurture and grow love in your life!
I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited about the prospect of a sexy Spring & Summer!  And I’m so excited to share all this feng shui goodness with you!

For the rest of May I’m offering these very unique & groovy life-changing online lovey feng shui consultations for $189.00!

Hit me up HERE to get started! And a major major thank you to Anna Diamond and Glamour for including me in this fabulous article and very fresh issue!  xoxo Dana


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