Tricks To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

May 14, 2012 | Home Style

Strong verticals create more space and life the energy no matter how small the space is!

Even though your space is small, you likely have more space than you realize. Here are a couple of feng shui inspired design tricks to make a small space much more spacious!

This glowing Robert Ryman is a dramatic dazzle of the bright fresh white to create space. Imagine it on your dull, flat ceiling...!

1. Paint your ceiling glossy, bright white.  You know, the bright white that seems so horrible, the full-gloss white that none would every buy? A snow white that pops like crazy and seems totally nuts to contemplate….that’s the white that I’m talking about.  The high gloss really makes a remarkable difference.

2. Emphasize the verticals in your home. Tall vertical mirrors, tall vertical art, tall lamps…this is lofty, high…the lines pull your head up.  A tall, strong vertical creates more expansiveness and active energy.

See how bringing the outside inside can create more space indoors?! Just avoid cactus if it has spikes!

3. Bring the outside inside.  Emphasis on the views outside will make a your home infinitely larger.  If you have no views to speak of, load the walls with scenes of nature, fill your home with plants, add tons of raw mineral crystals.  There is infinite space outside, and in that infinite space you expand the perimeters of your home.

4. Cut down on storage space totally and completely. If you have less space, you MUST learn to live with less.  It the only way that this will work in any pragmatic sense. Its very therapeutic to shed some stuff.  Extra “decorative” furniture with no function can be first on your list to donate if you are feeling cramped and have no room to breathe!

5. Incorporate some ingenious design tricks like these from Janet Lee, author of Living in a Nutshell.   Her awesome space-saving tips HERE will revolutionize your home!

No matter what you choose, know that you are not confined by your walls.  Your life also expands with music, books, art, fragrance, circulating air. The only limits that exist are the ones that you create.  Choose space and flow!  xoxo Dana


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