Feng Shui Q & A: Protecting Yourself From Bad Computer Vibes

May 15, 2012 | Prosperity

Jenny Holzer can really drive home the powerful impact of the electronic!

A reader asked the question: “Any tips for people who spend a lot of time in front of computer, to minimize that ‘computer energy from affecting us?”

My answer:

If you are in an office, you don’t have the luxury of unplugging your machine when its not in use, and quite frankly, unplugging computers is just not a viable option these days, no matter how awesome it is to reduce the amount of electromagnetic waves that come out of all of our electronic devices.    These waves are thought to be damaging to our immune system to a greater or lesser degree (some people are more sensitive than others) and its a very healthy thing to reduce their impact in every environment.

African violets are sometimes talked about in other feng shui worlds than mine as the "plant of choice" to squash EMFs and vibe up your office.

Plants are a very heathy way to “absorb” some of the electromagnetic haze cast off my computers, TV’s and the like.  Leafy, vibrant, hearty plants are the ones to use here.  There are suggestions I have heard in some feng shui circles about African Violets being the plant of choice to absorb EMF’s and “enhance your fame” but… There were no computers back in the ancient times and there were no EMF’s and there were not even African Violets in China so these Traditionalists in the feng shui world kinda pulled this one out of a hat.  I do like African Violets and they are easy to grow so if you want to use then, go for it!

Earth Calm EMF-blocking systems are somewhat "woo-woo" but man, they work for me!

Also, this might seem like a hokey device, and I can’t tell you for sure how it works, but the EMF Blocker above from Earth Calm has been truly revolutionary in my home.  Like I said, I don’t understand it, and I know that its effects are NOT psychosomatic.,  You can feel the difference when I have it plugged in and when its not. Its a more fancy, more upscale solution.  If you have young children, pets and/or a sensitive nervous or immune system I HIGHLY recommend trying this even if you (&I) can’t explain how it works.  I know that this is a bit of a Quackwatch recommendation from me, but I have to tell you, I believe. I do!

 Good luck, hope this helps! And what a great question! xoxo Dana


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