7 Color Tricks To Bring Magic & Power Into Your Life!

May 16, 2012 | Sensory Goodness

We’ve been talking a lot about color these days, and its powerfully energetic and symbolic meaning and nature.  Now, lets start putting it in action a bit more!  Here are seven tried-and-true color tricks that can add instant wow-factor to your life in every way…!

1.  FOCUS: If you are having trouble with focus and finishing things at work, try a big yellow paperweight, maybe even citrine gemstone, to  plop atop your piles of unfinished work and unfiled, unhandled mess.  It will fix your attention on the piles in a way that still allows you to approach them to finish…(rather than run in the other direction!)

2. SEXY: Ladies, wear red to immediately become more attractive to the eye.  Red is the single-most eye-attracting color.  If you want to stand out, red is your color.  Lipstick can be your way to single yourself out from a crowd.  For all of you actresses and performers out there, red can visually separate you from the competition.

3. CREATIVE: If you are working on a project that is spiritual or promoting creative power, purple is the color that should dominate your website or promotional materials.  While purple can be overwhelming in huge doses, used with care in a home it can also increase the prosperous vibes.

4.  RECOVERING:  If you are mourning a loss, try on some white.  White – not black- is the color that relates to metal energy that is healing.  Metal energy in feng shui helps you to grieve, recover, and create healthy boundaries.  Don’t go too heavy on the white for too long, but appreciate its freshness as an optimistic alternative to all-black-misery.

5. HEALTHY: If you are starting a new fitness regime or recovering from an illness, orange can give you both cheer and help you fuse back to your life (as well as helping you to fuse back to wonderful health.  It is a cheerful, warm fire color, but alo contains within it the yellow of earth that is substantial and grounding.

6. SUCCESSFUL: Going to a job interview? Big meeting?  Wear gold & sparkle to make a very incisive impression.

7. SKINNY: Use blue as a diet tool.  If you are trying to lose weight,  a set of blue plates, a blue tablecloth or even a blue dining room (if you want to go very big with this) can literally offset your appetite.  Wearing blue is not as effective as seeing blue as you are eating in this circumstance, but it was too powerful a tip to leave out!

Always, there’s something color can do to make things a bit better!  And, so much fun! Off to get red lipstick I go! xoxo Dana

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    • danaclaudat

      and in some places, its purity. so true, its so case-specific, symbolism. Thats why every one of my feng shui consultations takes into account the beliefs and culture of my clients.

  1. Aurora

    Most red lipsticks in the US are made with lead (yes, like poisonous LEAD)- so opt for natural versions or shop in Europe where cosmetics are regulated! <3 Bliss and Beauty!


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