Slow Down To Speed Up!

May 16, 2012 | Creativity

More and more I see the virtrue of the tortoise and the hare situation.  Those who rise fast tend to burn out quickly, the quick cash scheme leads to utter bankruptcy, the speeding car manages to hit every red light or get a huge traffic ticket, quick romances turn to dust nearly as quickly…and it is evident over and again that rushing through things does not make them turn out better in the long run.  If you are running through life and frantically trying to get a million things done, you may need to learn to slow down in order to actually speed up your effectiveness in every aspect of life.

You can’t run on top speed every day and expect to sustain it.  Your body physically was  designed to rest.  Rest days are part of athletic training at the highest levels.  Time off is perhaps more precious than time on.  A few ways to slow down and contemplate at home can prove invaluable if you are a mega Type-A person.

A fish tank- even if it contains only one fish- is a lovely spot of contemplation.  If you are a desk person,  put the aquarium or fish bowl near your desk so that you can see it.  Feng shui bonus points come from the fact that you also get the benefit of moving water which helps germinate and activate flows of fresh, positive energy in your life.

“Your” chair or sofa that is immensely squishy, comfy and soft is a spot you need to cultivate in your space.  You can’t function without a place to sit that is fantastically comfortable and expect to want to rest.  Modern furniture might look cool, but if you can’t sink into at least one spot of plush, your home lacks repose.

A picturesque window will go a long way in a home that is built for action to provide an escape visually and sensually.  If you don’t have views, try to keep the air moving with a fan or open windows to create a sense of freshness and the essence of connection to nature indoors.

And, try to  get some sort of art space happening for yourself!  A musician needs, at the very least, a spot to play music, if not a small (or large) studio.  If you knit, create a basket filled with supplies and patterns.  Painters could use, minimally, some watercolors or an easel and non-toxic acrylics perched by a window. Everyone needs a journal, a sketchpad or a crafty area.

You may think you are wasting time by zoning out or kicking back.  What you are actually doing is creating far more good in your life than you can ever imagine! xoxo Dana

(PS, If you didn’t notice already, all the artwork was found at the super-cool spot for very inexpensive art, Society 6.  Check it!)


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