Three Surprising Things That Happen When You Get Your Life In Order

May 17, 2012 | Prosperity

Peter Liversidge

You decided to make a great big change.  It was going well and then… you realized there was so much to do that you had no idea it would be this hard.  Yep, you have your list and you are ready to chug through it, and suddenly, all this stuff crops up that is pulling you off your plan.  I thought I would share the most common things I’ve witnessed and studied in the last decade of people making great big changes… I’m not sharing this to scare you from making changes, but to keep you excited to keep going and get to your goal! 

This Ryan McGuinness is a great reminder that there is still great beauty in chaos.

1.  Life may just blow up temporarily.  Its like cleaning out a closet: halfway through sorting and dumping and folding and cleaning you realize your entire room looks like a cyclone hit it.  This is the time you can either get frustrated and walk away from the mess to go do something else, or find it provides the burst of motivation to get the entire job finished.  It might be frustrating from time to time to see more chaos than order, but if you can stay in the space of motivation, you will make major progress!

2. You start to see things clearly, which is often a shock.  You often don’t realize how much weight you’ve lost or gained until you decide to get healthier. You sometimes can’t see the crazy toxic people in your life until you decide to stop partying.  If you can steel yourself to keep your eye on the prize, you can avoid spiraling into sadness or overwhelm while you are taking care of business- and YOU are your big business!

3. You might get crazy-emotional and tempted to quit yet again. Letting go of a way of life, or people, or physical addictions or mental habits can bring up emotions that are tremendously surprising.  Your eyes are wide open, and so is your physical & emotional energy.  Let it all go, and ride it out.  Don’t seek to escape, but try to be extra-kind to yourself.  After all, you are making a giant change.  If you are doing some big stuff, seek guidance from professionals.  There is help everywhere and you need not go through it alone.  Just remember to congratulate yourself for all of your incredible progress!

And…if you persist, wow… such a stable, awesome, calm, prosperous, healthy, gorgeous life is waiting for you!  Don’t give up.  Keep going!  Keep going!!!  xoxo Dana


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