Getting Grounded Can & Will Revolutionize Your Life!

May 18, 2012 | Prosperity

Getting Grounded Can And Will Revolutionize Your Life!

I feel like an enormous part of the world is not “grounded” energetically.  In my experience, its the most common malady of the modern world.  Being spaced-out and unhinged is the modern coindition for the many, and it is resulting in a nation on antidepressants, drugs, alcohol and escapism.  This is no fun!!!

If you are feeling : depressed, misunderstood, extremely stressed about survival, have money problems, aching in your lower back, feel sexually disrupted, have foot injuries or colon problems or addictions to substances  amongst other things , you may just be suffering from an under-active “root chakra.”

I’d like to say this is a bunch of hogwash, but acupuncture acknowledges these energy centers in your body just as modern medicine is just starting to… and when you get that area at the base of your tailbone flowing properly, well… lets just say very very good times in every way await you!!!

Here’s a list of many fun ways  to get your root chakra on the right track. If something appeals to you, give it a go. Make it your own. Find ways to tap into this Earth-borne energy :

Image via the amazing Mind Body Green

First, if you don’t really understand what the energy centers of your body are (also called, “chakras’) THIS article from Mind Body Green will get you primed on these energy centers and how they relate to your well being.  If one area of your body energy is suppressed or overstimulated, your life goes out of whack.  ( The super-cool thing? The bagua map in feng shui also relates to these “chakra” energy centers. I’ll write more about this to come, but for now lets just say that your energy is intmately related to your environment!)

Now, lets talk about getting the energy flowing properly.

Roots!!!! Try eating beets.  Or carrots.  Or other root veggies.  This part of your body corresponds to the earth element and root veggies are “of the earth” literally.

root veggies are literally borne of the earth!!!

RED!!! The color red is thought to stimulate this area of your body.  Red is the color of fire, and in the element cycle, that fire feeds earth element in your body.  Wearing red lingerie, eating red foods… adding more red in any way… fuels the red energy.  You might also want to lay around with some red (or smokey quartz) crystals on that area correlating with the base of your spine.  See above to the left for the red dot for a bit more of a map of where to focus your energy.

If you live in an area with sand and sea, yellow will resonate with Earth for you. If not, try to incorporate more fiery red and earth tones into your space.

Home Styling With Color: At home, yellow and earth tones actually add earth, as will extra fire.  If you are high strung in general, go for yellows and earth tones to add your stabilizing energy.

Do yoga! Although some poses in yoga open certain chakras more than others, its worth just doing yoga & as often as you can, to keep all of your physical energy balanced and active.

Ryan McGinley

Hang out in nature in a real big way. I’ve talked a lot about tree-hugging.  I MEAN IT, LITERALLY.  Go hug a tree.  You need that rooted energy. Try camping if you can, if you want to really get immersed in the natural flow.

Add some aromatherapy….!  Sandalwood, cedar wood & lavender are amongst my favorite root-chakra loving oils that also smell good.  I put them on my wrists and the base of my spine, too….or a bit in a bath when I just don’t feel open.

say it!

Do affirmations.  When you get your intention fixed on loving who you are and what you are here to do on this planet, things flow much more smoothly.  sit down and tell yourself throughout the day that you are loved, beautiful, safe and prosperous!

When you really get the energy flowing in this area of your body, your creativity, your finances and your sexy feelings all flow in bigger and more stable streams.  So…get going!  Here’s to your grounded, fabulous life!!! xoxo Dana



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xoxo Dana


  1. rose

    Funny how stumbled on this blog post today. Funny in that beautifully serendipitous way the world has for speaking to us … of affirming what we suspect … of validating the “work” on which we are focused.

    I’m a naturally earthy spirit … yet even I experience time and space where my root chakra begs for attention. In the past week I’ve received a massage that confirmed some sacral congestion … I strained my lower back … and twisted and strained an ankle. I understood the messages, and am doing the “work” ~ many things you mention here.

    Thank you for the added connection and corroboration! ♡


  2. Marcy

    Yes, agreed, so many people are completely ungrounded. Its something I consciously work at all of the time. Half of my “chart” is in fire, so I am a super firey person. Fortunately much of it is in Earth as well, so I have a little balance. I find deep breathing is helpful and focusing that into my hip area (like yoga). My acupuncturist recommended I soak my feet in warm water when I get super out of it. So sometimes I get a little tub of water and fill it with warm water and drop in lavender oil for my feet. That helps quite a bit. Gardening is extremely helpful, literally getting your hands in the dirt. Or going to the beach and burying my feet in the sand.

    I haven’t tried red or yellow decoration for the house, but that is a great idea. I will have to try it. As you’ve said, sometimes I use red sparingly because of the fire, but yellow could work. And I do love red.


  3. Theodora

    Well, unless my ascendant is in Capricorn and not Sagittarius (my mom doesn’t remember the exact time of my birth), I have NO Earth in my chart!! It makes life harder sometimes, but usually very interesting! I will definitely try and use some of these tips, also Marcy’s tips above, so far I have a huge wallpaper in my living room with bright orange and yellow. Also, I just LOVE that coffee table in the yellow room picture!

    • danaclaudat

      I think that with or without astrology, it is hard to be as cerebral as we are with all this technology and still stay grounded in our bodies with our feet planted on the earth! I stay mindful of this stuff a whole lot– -I can space out pretty fast and I’m a Virgo 😉 xoxoxo



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