No More Could-a, Should-a, Would-a!!!

May 21, 2012 | Prosperity

The only thing more crazy that living in the past and swimming in regret is ACTIVELY destroying your happiness in the present.  Ladies and Gentlemen, its time to take responsibility for the past and stop blaming a litany of people / other things for the way your life looks now.

Bottom line? REGRET SUCKS.

If you regret, you damn the present and curse the future.

If you choose to spin in the past, you stop living in the present.

If you want to destroy your life, I suggest you sit down and start regretting things.

Here are a few ways to start rooting out regret and its cousin, self-deprecation,  from your life.


Ideas For Getting Positive And Present (ie, starting to live as a powerful, happy person)

1. The present is not ALL bad! I always have my clients list out that which they are grateful for over and again until they see that their present lives (not the regretful past) have lots of beauty and promise.  Make your list.  Do it ten times a day if you have to, when the spinning starts. In your home, make sure you have an elevating place-  even a post-it stuck to a mirror for now- where you can start to re-set your mind. 

2. Cut yourself off from the darkness.  If you are in a bad place, you are in NO PLACE to deal with miserable people who are struggling.  Therapists take years to train to handle toxic people and even they have trouble with it.  How arrogant can you be to think that you can handle the deeply toxic life-suckers who will take and take and give nothing back?!  It is not noble to “save” people, its foolish and its self-destructive to everyone involved. Compassion requires boundaries.  In your house:  clean up your counters, your drawers,  your closets and deeply clean your home to reinforce strong metal energy which helps with boundaries that are more healthy.

3. Feed yourself and get lots of sunlight.  Depression is exacerbated by a lack of sunlight and a lack of nutrients.  Start feeling sorry for yourself and you will soon be on the way to self-sabotage on a multitude of levels.  After all, when you get deep in “what you shoulda, coulda, woulda done” you pretty much cut off your potential to thrive right now, today. At home: keep the windows open and avoid blackout shades or heavy drapery.  You need light and connection to that sunshining energy.

4. Take Action.  It is far more productive to do little busywork chores than to sit down and have coffee with your demons and bemoan your fate.  You may not have solutions yet to all of your problems, but it takes action to breed action.  In your home: make sure pathways and walkways are clear in and out of your house.  Obstacles STOP your energy.  You can not simultaneously be stopped in your tracks constantly and get to where you need to be!

While I certainly can’t guarantee that hell you have been putting yourself will change overnight,  I know it will change because you have decided to change it!  All good things await you! Don’t lose focus on your beautiful life!  xoxo Dana



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