8 Lovely Thoughts On Love

May 22, 2012 | Uncategorized

We all love love.  Its a fascination, a drive, the glue of life, the reason to be or not be, the feeling of pure tranquility and the persistence to get through the day.  Love is so many things, and as I constantly find these lovely typographic reminders, I thought I’d paste up my 8 most recent favorite pictures & words about lovely love. Get your Pinterest account ready!  xoxo Dana

Well, maybe sometimes you can…but its a different kind of wisdom…?

I totally buy this, Oscar Wilde.

The ineffable ee cummings emotes love in irregular but perfect rhythm.

It seems to come when you are least expecting it.

And, its hardly without its imperfections, yet can be perfect (but should not ever be destructive, my friends!)

There is a lightness that is undeniable.

Love colors every aspect of life if you let yourself feel it.

And when it endures, it is the most fortuitous.  This letter that Ronald Regan wrote to Nancy on their 20th anniversary is just about the greatest thing I have ever read. 

Enjoy!  xoxo Dana

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  1. Vinoth

    Really nice lines.



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