Does Your House Feel Like A Home?

May 22, 2012 | Home Style

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More often than not, even perfectly “designed” homes do not feel like HOME to the people who live there.  Today, here’s  a quick thought about what makes you feel most at home, and why it is important to bring a bit of home to every environment you inhabit. 

Home: For some its the familiar meal you grew up with on the stove.  For others its a certain type of architecture.  For others, its the style of a period, like my affliction with the 70’s having grown up in a 70’s showplace home.  Favoirite blankets or bathroom tile, photos or artwork, the quality of light, the height (or lack thereof) of ceilings…all aspects that we can read as being part of HOME.

You might not identify where you grew up as a part of what makes you feel like home.  Take a few minutes to day to sketch out of write down the way the most “homey” place you ever lived in actually felt.  What did it look like, smell like, feel like? How cold or warm was it?  What colors prevailed? 

Now, how can you integrate more of that into your present life?  There’s always a way.  Even in small ways, the more connected we get to who we are in a space the more powerful we are!

xoxo Dana


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