Energy Boosters To Rejeuvenate Crazy, Non-Stop Lives!

May 24, 2012 | Creativity

Cai Guo Qiang

Someone once told me they can have a shot of espresso or two and then fall asleep.  That’s a bad sign.  When we stress/push ourselves, our adrenal glands- and all organs- go into overdrive without rest.  If you can’t recover, you don’t recover.  If you want to rapidly age and put yourself at risk of developing or exacerbating major health problems, carry on with your routine…But if you are stressed, run-down and want to rejuvenate for real, here’s a good place to start!

First of all, go see your doctor!  No one should be tired all the time.  You may have an underlying imbalance in your thyroid or something nutritional or otherwise.  Don’t play doctor. Its a good practice to get a check up. And just because you don’t believe in Western Medicine doesn’t mean you can’t still get blood scientifically examined, weight checked, blood pressure, etc, etc!

Yogurt can flood your body with probiotics without taking pills, just make sure it has active cultures!

Cut out sugar & start taking probiotics.  Ever hear of the Yuppie Flu?  Although its Epstein Barr virus that “causes” this chronic exhaustion, and purportedly it has no cure, I know people who have no signs of it any more after cleaning up their diet and cleansing their system.   Even if probiotics have no effect you think you can see, they can rarely do any harm.  Oh, yes, and sugar = fruit as well.  Don’t go nuts eating fruit and think that its fine because its fruit.  Its way better than a Coke, but its still something to be moderate about.  Ultimately, if you crank your system too high on sugar you will fall, no matter where the sugar comes from!

Water flows, even when its make-believe!

Drink, drink, drink water!  Water deficiency in Traditional Chinese Medicine creates a ton of health issues, and a feeling of being “tired & wired” at the same time.  No fun.  Imagine the solution to your problem could be as simple as H20?!

Olafur Eliasson

Brighten your lights!  Flood your office or home with light.  Get lamps, open windows, increase your wattage… but beyond all things, get OUTSIDE MORE.  Even if you walk at a lunch break from work, you need to see daylight to be connected to the flow of nature.

you can never have too much clean, pure quartz around you!

Crystals!!! Sparkle & shine are where it’s at.  Quartz- whether you believe it is magical or not- absolutely scientifically is loaded with energy and collects energy from its environment.  If you use crystals inside, put them out in the sun to “recharge” in nature frequently, especially if they are in a high-stress or high-electricity environment.

De-clutter your priority list & schedule more YOU time.  If that means all you do is sleep, eat, exercise or pray and work, that’s all you can do right now.  You will get the time you need to have more fun, but it starts by getting initially rested and learning to manage your time to include YOURSELF!

Marilyn Minter Shoes!!!

Get a makeover!  Its true- when you look better, you feel better!  Even a new pair of shoes or a haircut can make all the difference in your happiness which equals energy!

So, you see, there is no real boosting going on here, nut, rather, strengthening & balancing your life and overall routines so that you feel boosted all the time, not just after a trip to get coffee!  xoxo Dana

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  1. juliemarg

    Great post. It is true, what you feel inside can be seen , so try to relax and treat your self. Nice tips. Thanks…


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