Feng Shui Q & A: Can The Color Red Make You Angry?

May 24, 2012 | Sensory Goodness, Uncategorized

A reader asked the question: ” What do you think about red curtains in the bedroom or a large red rug I the living room? Is it too much? Will it aggravate anger?”
My answer:
I wish I could be more specific, but the short answer is this: the color of curtains or a carpet can’t piss you off in and of itself no matter what the color is!  That said, if you love the color, the chances of it provoking anger in and of itself are not likely. 
Now, that said, if you are an anxious/insomniac/angry person by nature or in any relationship in your life, its generally best to avoid all “saturated” colors in lieu of cooler pastels or lighter tones.  Deep colors affect us emotionally, so no need to add emotional triggers where none are needed!
Lastly, red can actually cause people to get excited, raise blood pressure and stimulate action both bad and good.  It also fixes your eye and attention, so its hard to ignore, physically.  So, if you are not willing to definitively alter your environment in a provocative way, stay away from pure reds!  xoxo Dana


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