Lost Your Swagger? Get It Back Right Now!

May 25, 2012 | Prosperity

Confidence: the ability to move mountains, light up a room, control your destiny.  Another word for that inefrfible charisma that is not just pure ego but also lots of depth is…swagger.  If you’ve been through a rought time, you may be losing yours, or feel like you’ve lost it.  Its time to get that swagger back- the world is waiting for your awesome!  Here are six ways to start reclaiming your swagger…!

Six Ways To Get Your Groove Back When You’ve Lost It!

Stand straighter.  When you lose your swagger, you lose your confidence.  Your body is either confident or not, its that simple and demonstrated in your posture.  Head up , shoulders back.  Looking UP actually makes you feel better on a physiological logical level.  You know that saying “fake it till you make it”???  Now’s the time to fake it!

Emphasize the verticals in your house.  I don’t care if you have to paint arrows facing upwards in your corners, tape posters up high, or flip lamps so they beam light upward, you need strong verticals to get you looking upward! 

Pull out the photo albums, and whip out photos of you with your swagger.  Stick these everywhere around your house. Carry them in your wallet.  This is not an exercise in “woe is me, I used to be cool.”  Its an affirmation of who you really are, and what you are capable of having if you dare to reclaim your awesomeness.

Stretch.  When you get depressed, you hold everything tight in your body, wreaked with stress.  You don’t need to be a yogi to stretch. You don’t need to be aggressive about it.  just set aside a few minutes in the morning and night to feel yourself breathing and relaxing and de-compressing your tension.  THESE videos from the greatest yogi ever (in my unhumble opinion!) Tara Stiles will get you going on the path to yoga without leaving your house. 

Go on a negativity diet.  As in “no negativity”.  Until you are back to feeling fly, zero watching of the news (its full of fear and panic, doom and gloom…these things are considered “sensational”), zero reading gossip blogs (bad news about people isn’t what you need right now, or ever, really!), zero complaining, zero fielding complaints or problems from friends, lovers or family… ZERO NEGATIVITY is the goal.  Now when you are down, I bet you have a big habit and predilection toward drama as the “normal” state of affairs.  This might feel the weirdest of all, deciding to kick the negativity habit.  Once you feel well again, you may literally be intolerant toward crazy stuff in your life & that’s a good thing!

Outflow goodness! You want to dig yourself out of a bad place?  Start sending out your talent, your good and your positive intention in your actions!  Offer to help people, refuse to take no for an answer, start making calls, sending emails, walking around and ASKING for what you need and telling people WHAT you have to GIVE.  You can’t succeed with confidence unless you make yourself big again.  Every bit of communication you put out into the world makes you bigger.  Keep going.  Don’t stop.  In fact, never stop, no matter what responses you get back.  With every attempt you grow, and the law of averages says that ultimately you statistically, mathematically, absolutely will succeed if you don’t stop!

xoxo Dana


  1. Jia Ni

    Amazing piece! 🙂 Can you pleasee write a piece on what to put in each corner of the bagua map to really intensify/bring out that area? Eg, does placing pink tulips on the top right corner help with enhancing romance/love? Love you and you are soo inspiring! xo

  2. danaclaudat

    What a sweetheart you are! Thank you!!! Yes, I will write lots of articles on ideas for what to place where in the bagua, but its important to note that everyone is different and not everyone will respond to “x,y,z” thing in a certain part of the house. It’s kinda like being on a diet; not everyone can succeed eating the same way because our bodies are all different. But: I’m gonna do some of these posts anyway! xoxo

    • Jia Ni

      Awesome! Yup, I definitely can relate to the “not everyone will do great on the same diet” (being a student nutritionist myself)! 🙂 But perhaps some more general items could apply to feng shui? (Like all people would benefit from eating more vegetables and fruit!) Thanks Dana! xo



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