Creating Interior Drama To Shake Things Up!

May 29, 2012 | Home Style

Yes, I am not an advocate of hair-pulling and hopelessly spun-out drama, but every life -and space- needs a lift of something poignant design-wise to elevate the Yang (active ) every and keep the vibe fresh and flowing, the energy focused and the spark of intrigue and magic alive.  Here are a few dramatic examples of home interior drama that can guide you in creating your own sense of vivaciousness, perhaps on a quieter scale? Or maybe not!

WALLPAPER  (as seen above) is a glamorous way to add texture and true visual wow-factor, even if you only paper a small space.  Though feared by many, its transformative powers are vast and highly underestimated!  (Incidentally, a bright velvet sofa is another dramatic piece to ponder!)

UNEXPECTED COLOR– like hot pink in a kitchen, or golden yellow in a bathroom, creates a sense of surprise that is not all-together usual.  If you are aching to do something like the above hot pink kitchen, its not an all-together bad idea.  When you add this much color, however, you need to be very deliberate and complete about creating the room and curating its elements, otherwise what you end up with is not drama but “big-bright-disaster”.


ONE HUGE PIECE OF FURNITURE can be an effective point of dramatic energy.  This huge ottoman centers the room while creatine great visual interest.  All-in-all, both practical and poignant.

ONE DEEP, SATURATED COLOR or two to dominate a room can be major crazy drama.  The caution here? If you try this, be sure to mix up textures and add lots of light, be simple with furniture and leave lots of clear pathways.  This one’s tricky!  And the image above is far from balanced, but better than most!

BRIGHTS ON DARKS are a very fun way to create lasting emotionally poignant and somewhat groovy drama.  I would only try this if you have, as above, lots of windows and a very uncluttered space.  When you get such visual contrast happening, everything becomes magnified in the room.

PLAY UP BOOKSHELVES WITH PAINT to add depth.  This is a fabulous example of painting bookcases to match a wall, and creating vast depth by painting the back of the shelves in a hot pink.  Loving this one, big time.

You don’t have to go nuts with this concept, but if your home (and life) are a bit blah, you may need some yang drama to stir things up and keep them fresh and interesting!  xoxo Dana



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