Instagramming: My Puppy Love

May 29, 2012 | Uncategorized

smiling puppy

My puppy love runs deep, and this holiday weekend I got to spend lots of time with my little fur man Bob, all caught on Instagram!  Although self-indulgent to post a ton of pix of my own puppy, hey, its the holidays!  


We got to nap together, which is always hypnotic because Bob breathes deep and gets super warm like an electric blanket.


He takes super-long naps all wrapped up in a little ball.


He likes to sit on my lap while I chant.


And then, he makes me rub his belly.  He actually hits me if I don’t pet him until he’s satisfied.


And, then there’s the rare moment he’s actually camera shy.  Soooooo awesome!

Hit me up on Instagram @thetaoofdana & I will follow you back to see your own life in pictures, too! xoxo Dana


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