5 Fast Feng Shui Tips To Try Right Now!

Jun 1, 2012 | Feng Shui 101


Feng Shui is a vast study (can you tell by browsing through the universe that is my blog?!) but there are some tips that apply universally for a multitude of reasons.  HERE are five fast feng shui tips that everyone can use to get farther down the road to personal paradise…!

toilet seats

1. Toilet seat stays down, with the lid on. This is uber-simple, just do it, shut that toilet lid.  Bonus points for keeping the toilet sparkling clean and not flushing toxic chemical cleaners down it, as its part of the “circulatory system” of your home.

chiharu shiota

2. Don’t leave your wires flailing around.  Electronics proliferate, but that doesn’t mean your home should be a jungle of un-tamed wires.  Straighten and tape down those wires and see how much less “confusing” your space feels.


3. Make sure all of your doors and windows work properly and are pristine. The jammed door, the loose knob, the window that doesn’t completely close or the screen with a hole in it… all “vulnerabilities” of a home in a negative sense.  If the door is a “mouth” of your home and the windows are the “eye” how could either be less than clean, shining, and perfectly functional? If you had a hard time seeing or your eyes didn’t open or close, you would go to an eye doctor, right, in a hurry I bet. So, if you have cloudy windows that don’t shut and open, get to work fixing them!

Aleksandra Domanovic

4. Go as paperless as possible and keep your computer files perfectly organized & backed-up! Papers (unless journals or drafts of something you are working on, or critical hard copies of documents you must save) invariably and rather quickly become clutter.  Get into the habit of going paperless, scanning what you want to save, and tossing the rest.  You don’t need intense amounts of paper to prove that you are organized.  Now, treat your computer like a filing cabinet and properly label, sort and store things.  A hard drive (or two) to back your data up will keep you free of worries and on top of things no matter what!


5. Clean your refrigerator and keep it full.  Kitchens are the source of nourishment, the space where the alchemy of transforming raw material into nutrition occurs. Its often said that they are a source of financial fortune in a home, given all the creative, delicious activity there.  So if your kitchen is fortune-filled, your refrigerator is like your bank account or personal reserve; aim to keep it full and super-clean.  A bath for your fridge in warm water and mild soap ( castile soap like Dr. Bronner’s works great)  every week along with a clean-out will keep the goodness radiating from your kitchen!

These little “tips” can get your life flowing more freely.  Incorporate one, maybe two and see what happens when they become new habits!  xoxo Dana


  1. Michaela

    Hi! Great tips, but a question: which toilet cleaners should we use if the chemical stuff is too toxic?

    • danaclaudat

      You can get a commercial one that is biodegradable and not loaded with stuff you can’t pronounce… or you can toss a cup of white vinegar into the toilet with about half a cup of baking soda (not scientific formula) and let it sit for a bit then scrub. xxx


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