Feng Shui Q & A : Tips For More Pleasant Car Rides

Jun 1, 2012 | Sensory Goodness


Aura Cacia car diffusers plug into your car's cigarette lighter and creates a wonderland of scent.

A reader asked the question: “ I spend a lot of time in my car driving to and from work. Any tips to make it more enjoyable?”

My answer:  

essential oil of mint

An aromatherapy car diffuser with an alertness blend (or just some mint, as shown above) can keep you present and focused, both of which take the edge off of traffic.  Ginger, rosemary and all types of mint are fabulous for this purpose. 

A few other great tricks are: fully-tuning your mirrors so you feel absolutely certain of your view all-round (mine tend to be low, and if I go through a car wash they are messed up completely!) , keeping a little candy/snack in your car along with water in a glass/ non-toxic plastic bottle so you never feel “stuck” in the car with nothing to eat & getting a lumbar-supporting seat cover if you are literally spending hours in your car will help. That’s a good start!


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