Making Time To Exercise When You Have None!

Jun 2, 2012 | Prosperity


I presently, as I type this, do not exercise.  Yes, I run around town and walk my dogs around the block, but I don’t break a sweat.  A few of my friends who have taking control of their physical fitness destinies for the last 8 months have inspired me to take the big plunge into getting active with absolutely no free time.  Here is what my fit friends have taught me- tricks, tips and tools- that have made them physical rock stars.  Let the games begin!

Skinny or not, everyone needs to exercise.  First of all, I have been radically misguided by thinking that because I’m super-skinny and can eat like crazy that I am “in the clear” where exercise is concerned.  The sobering truth is that my very thin, healthy-looking mother died suddenly of heart disease at age 66, which means it started at age 56 at least, if not 46 or sooner and she was active but did not exercise.  So, to start with, I needed to wrap my head around the fact that I had to make exercising a part of my life based on my health rather than a “what -I-look-like” thing.  Indeed, if everyone approached exercise that way it would eliminate a lot of the emotion that keeps us from doing it in the first place.

Use your local deals to get excited! Use, Living Social and other flash sale sites locally in your area to get yourself into some fun fitness classes you would not normally use.  That Bikram yoga you just couldn’t justify, CardioBarre, the beach bootcamp, the personal trainer, the Pilates reformer… this is an opportunity to do something wildly crazy and exciting without a massive investment! You will be able to sneak in something entertaining here and there!

Dance!  Real dance classes COUNT as major exercise.  I was relieved to be reminded that I don’t need to go to a gym to go to a “class” that is fun. Oh, and as long as you aren’t having cocktails at the same time, going out to dance IS exercise!

Tracking progress with a bracelet is pretty awesome.  Nike Fuel has really cornered the market here.  This little bracelet tracks your activities, loads them into your phone and computer and helps you graph and visualize your fitness goals.  I am usually not a fan of these things, but I must say, its high on my wish list and my friends who wear them are seeing major results!  Also, you will become competitive with the bracelet, i am told, and motivated to walk instead of drive, and do more instead of sit around more!

 jane fonda workoutHome gyms are not just for multi-millionaires.  You know, a few weights and a yoga mat, maybe a yoga block, an exercise ball… all can comprise a “home gym”.  Your laptop can double as a “portable TV” to play a morning yoga video or even an aerobics class.  I grew up doing the original Jane Fonda Workout that was sitting by my TV and I am committed to finding that classic somewhere and doing it again!  One friend got an exercise bike.  Another got a weighted jump rope.  It all works for them! And you can literally do these things ANY time.  No excuses.

Oh, yeah, and even though I may be skinny, I still plan to take photos along the way to getting strong!  And I will not rush my progress.  There’s nothing like expectations to ruin ambitions, you know?!  So, I’m taking it slow but steady.  Maybe a longer walk with the dogs tomorrow to start?!

As my acupuncturist says, “Circulation heals and makes your life work properly.”  Time to get moving!  xoxo Dana


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