Food Shui For Summer: A Pinterest Popsicle Round Up!

Jun 4, 2012 | Food-Shui

ice pops

Its just about Summer season and this is the time that the element of FIRE rules the northern hemisphere. While FIRE is balanced and leveled out by EARTH (root veggies, food wise, or roasting/cooking techniques like grilling) you can’t beat the cool of water.  Here is a roundup of the funnest popsicles I’ve found on Pinterest.  While some may not seem “good-for-you” (and some, like avocado pops, will!)  they are all chemical-free and, given you aren’t gonna eat these twelve times a day, good for you because they are delicious!

healthy ice pops

Frugally Sustainable's Herbal Popsicles

Frugally Sustainable has these herbal pops made of a strongly-brewed hibiscus tea that is high in vitamin C.  You can take any tea that is yummy (like a great green or a spicy fresh ginger) and brew it double-strength and integrate it into this fabulous concept!

coffee ice pops

Daily Waffle's Blue Bottle Espresso popsicle

The Daily Waffle blog went toward the fabulousness of Blue Bottle coffee from Northern California to whip up these coffee pops that will rival any “ice-blended-coffee” in their chic.

smoothie popsicles

Mossy's frozen smoothie popsicles.

Now, if you are looking for a way to go with what you know, your favorite smoothies convert easily into ice pops when poured into dixie cups with stickls, or the slots of an ice pop mold like they did at Mossy. 

root beer popsicles

Pass The Sushi's root beer float popsicles.

A more decadent crowd-pleaser that hearkens back to childhood are these root beer float pops from Pass The Sushi.  Substitute coconut milk ice cream and some more organic root beer to stay on your dairy & chemical free path!

avocado popsicles

YumSugar's avocado popsicles

I adore this enomously healthy if not a bit strange-looking idea from Yum Sugar to make avocado pops that are creamy and sweet. 

Health, Fit & Toned's berry pomegranate ice pops are super simple!

If you need a go-to ice pop method that can be an instant crowd-pleaser, look no further than Health, Fit & Toned’s ice pop recipie that you can tweak to your liking in a flash.

Endless Simmer's honeydew margarita popsicles.

And hardly last on the list, but the “party” version of an ice pop with booze (note: too much booze will not freeze, and vodka won’t freeze at all!) that still has the freshness of a garden makes its way to this roundup as Endless Simmer’s  Honeydew Cucumber Margarita Popsicles!

So much fun, and a feast for your eyes & palette as well as your sweltering afternoons on the way!


 Hit me up on Pinterest HERE to see the best of the gluten, chemical & boredom-free food being pinned up on the Internet, along with all the feng shui,  style & gorgeousness that the Internet can inspire! xoxo Dana


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