What Do You Think In Actually Happening To Our World In 2012?!

Jun 4, 2012 | Uncategorized

Venus is passing the sun on June 5th & 6th; a rare planetary event to enjoy this 2012!

To know me is to know that I don’t enjoy leading people down twisted paths or messing with spirituality or the woo-woo-freaky-deaky in my work.  In fact, its a policy of mine.  That said, this video by Dr. Carmen Harra is so intriguing that I had to post it today, and its not grounded in the freaky or unsubstantiated.

Carmen Harra holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology as well as Alternative Healing.  She is also a renowned singer.  She is also a well-known (ok, very famous!) intuitive that me and my whole family have known for years.  AlthoughI do not seek psychic guidance and don’t promote it (after all, we are changing our karma daily with every thought and word and act we do), these predictions for 2012 and beyond were too intriguing on a psychological, social and even scientific level to not share!

And of course, I share this to spread a message of wellness and oneness in the time to come.  But, there’s a lot here to see and ponder.   I am hopefully certain that World Peace is going to be a reality. Its the reason I am practicing Buddhism like water flows through my life endlessly, seeking oneness and happiness and wisdom to create my piece of a better world. What do you think is going to happen to our world as we move foward into the future?


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