Fresh, Cool Mint For Spring & Summer 2012!

Jun 5, 2012 | Home Style


As Summer starts, the northern hemisphere heats up.  Cool mint counterbalances the fire, while adding visual freshness and the thrilling fuel for creativity in its vibrant green.  Mint may be a trend for 2012, but its also a fabulous mainstay in kitchens, bathrooms and constantly sun-filled rooms in any home. 

Mint is sweet and soft yet memorable, solid and delicious!
My very fond memories of childhood involved racing up the stairs of my Aunt Val’s house to get a handful of “Thin Mint” candies, letting each one melt in my mouth.  A dish of mints of any kind are a gorgeous centerpiece to a table when you have friends over for a bite to eat.  It is not labor-intensive, but its certainly memorable to have a bit of fresh candy on hand, on display. 

Mint walls featured in House Beautiful look timeless.

Mint walls are fresh and easy, classic, cool and not too “girly” for men, too.

Mint Green stormed the Spring/Summer 2012 fashion whirl. (Image via Miss Rich)

The Spring/Summer 2012 runways are ablaze with mint in flowing  fabrics and precious accessories. 

Homes & Gardens minty fresh kitchen!

Mint colored kitchens always work to balance the water & fire energy of the kitchen elementally.  I’d go for a touch greener mint than pictured above for the kitchen overall, to heighten the wood element.  Tip: avoid solid blue in kitchens even if you are dieting, its too unappetizing.

Growing mint will give you tons of sensory pleasure on every level!

That said, growing mint in a kitchen or on a windowsill can provide a punch of fresh mint for your water, your tea, lemonade and fruit salads that is both stimulating, cool and digestive.  Try to use mint only in the hotter months of the year to flow with the seasonal climate shifts. There are so many varieties of mint- from chocolate mint to spicy mints- in addition to your standard peppermint- that a home garden is an ideal place to expand your sensory range!
A bit of mint can go a long way in creating cool, calm & stylish; it is a trend worth playing with this season, for sure!
xoxo Dana


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