Feng Shui To Breathe More!!!

Jun 7, 2012 | Uncategorized

Andrea Barbieri

When you don’t breathe well, you don’t live well.  Its a very simple thing, yet most of us won’t breathe at deeply unless we are reminded to do so, and the majority of us don’t even know how to deeply breathe.  When you have big decisions to make, or you are trying to follow your intuition more, breath is critical.  When you are healing and/or living well, breath is critical.  Breathing is important, all round. Lets face it- breath is life.  Here is some feng shui to breathe more! The other day I was freaking out for no good reason.  It is  a habit- this “freaking out”- that I’ve apparently adopted to let myself know that I am not in control of everything in the universe.  I am happy now that I can laugh about it rather than think that I should be working harder! When I “freak out”, I don’t breathe properly.  Consequently, I don’t think well, I get hyper-emotional and start making decisions that I say are “intuitive” but are really based purely on fear and habits.  Sound familiar?

Of course, as synchronicity would have it, I found this killer Mind Body Green article from the most inspiring health diva Kris Carr today about breathing (read it, right HERE) and launched into a bit of feng shui to breathe better!  

Here we go:


*In your home, create a real sitting area that is super comfortable, whether its a beanbag or a suite full of imported custom sofas.  Simple.  No rules here except COMFORTABLE.  Its the best place to start.


*Dust well, frequently.  Again, simple.  We forget to do this. A microfiber towel can make this an eco-friendly chore.  An extra day of your housekeeper a week can make the difference. 

*Burn sage.  poitive ions clear the air of bad vibes and make you more apt to breathe!  Open the winbdows when you light up the wand. 

*Try some Himalayan salt lamps.  Somewhat similar to sage, these big rock lamps open up the air with more positive ions.

*Set a reminder on your office calendar or cell phone calendar for at least twice a day, daily, to breathe.  Five or ten minutes of quiet breathing deeply is a massive eye-opener.  

Now that you have some ideas of how to set up a space and time to breathe, HERE is an exercise on how to breathe well, even if you have no prior experience.  Enjoy!  xoxo Dana


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