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Jun 19, 2012 | Feng Shui 101

Grammercy Park Hotel

Grammercy Park Hotel

There are a few bits of news that land in my inbox that truly get me excited, and Carol Olmstead’s feng shui newsletter is definitively one of them.  In this issue, Carol explores feng shui for hotel rooms, a subject that is vast for those who live out of a suitcase! 

Hotel Room Feng Shui  by Carol M. Olmstead

My flight home last week was cancelled due to mechanical problems, forcing me to spend the night at an airport hotel, and reminding me of the importance of having a “Feng Shui Travel Kit” on hand. This kit includes simple things like a picture of your family, a couple of light scarves, and a lavender aromatherapy candle. Wherever your travels take you, when you take along some Feng Shui tips for your hotel room you make your business trip smoother or your vacation more enjoyable and harmonious.  

Grammercy Park Hotel Penthouse

  1. When you make your reservation, request a room far from the elevator, ice machine, hotel lounge, or pool. These areas generate strong chi that could interfere with your ability to relax. 
  2. Check out your room when you arrive at your hotel and if it has any odors, immediately request another room. If possible, open the windows or door to the patio or balcony to let some fresh air and new positive chi into your room. This will help remove any negative energy or “predecessor chi” that was left behind by a previous guest.
  3. Unpack as soon as you can to bring your own positive energy into the room. Place the picture of your family on the night table to help keep you connected to your loved ones not traveling with you. If traveling for business, place your laptop or tablet in the Power/Wealth area of the room to assure business success. This area is located in the far left corner of the room. Place the lavender candle on top of the dresser so its aroma will help you relax and sleep soundly. I don’t recommend lighting a candle in a hotel room, just use it for fragrance.
  4. Be sure to keep the bathroom door closed so the chi flows around your bed rather than into the bathroom and “down the drain.” This is especially important if you can see the toilet from the bed.
  5. To reduce the active, or yang, energy in the room and help you sleep, close the TV cabinet or use a scarf to drape it. You can use another scarf to drape a mirror if it’s located across from the bed.
  6. If you don’t need the alarm clock, make sure it’s set to “off” so you won’t have an unpleasant surprise early in the morning.

 Carol, this is fabulous!  Thank you for sharing!!! You can check out her website : Feng Shui For Real Life for more!   xoxo Dana


  1. Carol Olmstead

    Thanks, Dana, for posting my article, and right back at you. The Tao of Dana is one of the best blogs. Great Feng Shui info and fabulous photos. You are an endless source of Feng Shui insight.

    • danaclaudat

      Honored!!!! I’ve been reading your newsletters for so long now, I love them & I’m thrilled to share, and that you are so generous! xxx Dana


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